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The idea of human rights for all is a relatively new concept. Thousands of years have past where slavery has existed, where human sacrifice has taken place, and where many other horrible things have been done to fellow human beings without regard to their unalienable rights. In Western civilization, for over the past century and a half the desire for human rights for all has become more and more evident. Anti-slavery movements, women?s rights movements, and civil rights movements have all made an impact on the societal structure of today. There are many factors that come into play when regarding human rights: these factors include but are not limited to evolutionary altruism, ethica ...view middle of the document...

In particular, debates over women?s rights have occurred among politicians, civil and human rights activists, and novelists and writers. In more Eastern civilizations, the concept of right or wrong has not truly been assessed. This is obvious due to the traditional practices of these peoples. In her article ?Women and Cultural Universals?, Nussbaum points out that ?it seems impossible to deny that traditions, both Western and non-Western, perpetrate injustice against women in many fundamental ways, touching on some of the most central elements of a human being?s quality of life?health, education, political liberty and participation, employment, self-respect, and life itself. (Nussbaum 461)? Here she claims that the traditions of certain cultures and civilizations have become more important than including the essential ways to live a good high-quality life. Nussbaum points out how women have very low class living conditions in other cultures of our world. I do agree with Nussbaum, women of less educated cultures who rely solely on traditional practices are very unfortunate. It is simply not possible for them because of the hierarchy of male influence. Because of their inferior size and muscular abilities, women have gotten the ?gatherer? position. Therefore, women have been looked down upon for many centuries and it does not seem like it will change even in the modern world.This idea directly relates to evolution as so heavily discussed by Frans de Waal. He states that ?? and civil society is not like an out of control garden subdued by a sweating gardener. We are merely following evolved tendencies (de Waal 667).? These evolved tendencies that de Waal talks about can also and obviously be called traditions. Over the ages, different tribes and cultures have many different traditions. Unfortunately, these traditions did not include anything good for women. In today?s day and age in Western culture, as women are becoming more and more educated, they see that these unfair traditions and unfair treatments of women are still being carried on in lesser accomplished cultures. Many of these women including Nussbaum are disgusted and trying to accomplish something. I completely agree with the arguments some women have proposed. I do not think it is fair at all for these women to have to undergo such unfair treatment. Whether women are as strong and smart as men or not, they deserve to live a high quality life. I believe that high living standards should be enforced by the government; there is no reason for any civilized group of people to keep treating women poorly. Unfortunately however, I strongly believe that Nussbaum and those like her are out of their minds. There is no way, after so many thousands of years, will these certain cultures change their ways. Whether they are wrong or otherwise a tradition is a tradition. That is exactly how these civilizations see what they are doing. Again as de Waal said, these are evolved tendencies. These people h...


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