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Effects Of Media Violence Essay

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I think it is common belief to say violence on television is very impressionable on its young viewers. Of course, to ask a child this imposing question would result in a stern denial; as I did when I received such a preposterous inquiry as a young one. To believe that any outside input as such that had an affect on the way I saw to conduct myself was ridiculous to me. I was an individual. Nothing but me could knowingly change my intentions. But here I am now, years later thinking (even though I dread the notion of it) that it is true some people take in the chaos they see on screen and reflect it in the way they act, even my-unimpressionable-self.In Diane Brady’s cover story over ...view middle of the document...

I can completely agree with Mary Morrison where Diane Brady quotes her, “Television is not reflecting the world, but the world is starting to reflect television” ( 1 ).Extended amounts of graphic violence on TV is now worried of the desensitization of the public from actual violence to other people, which many believe causes some to be more violent themselves (“Media Violence” 3-4). I believe desensitization can go both ways. I think it can be somewhat helpful in preparing people to deal with the sometimes harshness of reality; where we see violence and it is not so shocking and disturbing as to scar us psychologically. I know I have grown somewhat used to the things that go on in the world. I am not shocked to hear about a shooting at a school or a bomb going off in Israel anymore, from the fact I see it all the time on the news. On the other hand, television violence could so desensitize someone as for that person to lose their grip on the reality of violence, such that they see this over-the-top action on screen and there seems to be no consequences for that action, whatever it may be. Therefore, they may feel to act as they please because they do not see violence as such a bad option.Television violence has many positive aspects as well. As an example, many people love watching action movies and contact sports. For some, it may even help relieve their own aggravated tensions. While some look to television to escape the dullness of reality at times. I could never begin to imagine how my dad would be from missing a single Tennessee game. Still some like to imagine...

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