Reflexión Sobre El Curso Mgt/521 Management

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El curso "MGT/521 Management" incluyó el desarrollo de destrezas importantes, como la redacción ensayística y el trabajo en equipo, que son aspectos de interés del programa graduado en administración de empresas de la universidad de Phoenix en el que estoy matriculado. Esta primera clase ha servido como una introducción indispensable del programa de maestría que actualmente sigo. Esta nueva modalidad de enseñanza que presenta la universidad de Phoenix permite una interacción directa con todos los estudiantes que componen cada clase. El curso relaciona al estudiante con la utilización de todas las herramientas que ...view middle of the document...

Sin duda alguna, la librería en línea es una herramienta muy útil que se ajusta a las necesidades reales del estudiante; este recurso ha sido la mejor fuente de información para realizar mis investigaciones y completar exitosamente el curso actual de gerencia. No dudo que seguirá siéndolo en los próximos cursos.Aprendizaje en equipos (Learning Teams)Un buen administrador es el que tiene la capacidad de trabajar en grupo para lograr los objetivos de las empresas. La práctica académica de aprendizaje en equipos de trabajo que caracteriza la enseñanza en la Universidad de Phoenix prepara para el triunfo al futuro gerente de empresas. Esta actividad académica me ayudo a conocer mis cualidades como líder y las fortalezas y debilidades de mis compañeros. De esta forma se lograron distribuir las actividades de los trabajos grupales de manera democrática, para que la aportación de cada uno fuese justa y beneficiosa para todos.Conceptos de la administraciónEl cu...


La Otra Conquista Spanish Essay - Latin American Studies, San Diego Mesa College - Essay

626 words - 3 pages La Otra Conquista: Reflexión Como todos sabemos, la conquista de las Américas o “el nuevo mundo” tuvo un efecto político y demográfico que alteró y cambió la historia del mundo por siempre; sin embargo, es importante reconocer el efecto que este último tuvo sobre la población y civilizaciones de las Américas. Precisamente, La película titulada “La Otra Conquista” nos provee con un vistazo de cómo fue severamente afectada la población de las

Essay On Project Management

1382 words - 6 pages PAGE PAGE 1 Project Management Paper Project ManagementCorrer una organización en el mercado actual se ha convertido en un reto, el mercado de valores fluctuantes, las tasas de desempleo y la recesión actual, contaba con organizaciones pioneras que ponían en marcha proyectos para ayudar a la compañía a reducir los costos operativos sin sacrificar sus empleados, algunas organizaciones han tenido que recurrir a

Essay On Real State Secondary Market

6480 words - 26 pages la reciente recesión en 2008-2009, los cambios en curso en la gestión de carteras y las presiones regulatorias sobre las instituciones financieras no sólo son los principales impulsores de flujo de operaciones en el entorno actual, pero también se espera que conducir el futuro flujo de operaciones.Los cambios en la gestión de la cartera. Para bien o para mal, muchos de los planes públicos de pensiones

Organization management process - Turabo - essay

880 words - 4 pages envía la solicitud al comité de préstamos Contactos entre bastidores Comité de préstamos evalúa la solicitud y toma la decisión de aprobar o no aprobar el préstamo Cliente está informado de la decisión Apoyo Los formularios se ordenan periódicamente Reuniones del comité de préstamos están programadas Las tasas de préstamo se actualizan semanalmente Referencias Mayo Arroyo, C. (Ed.). (n.d.). Youblisher. Retrieved August 26, 2018, from desventajas/ Stevenson, William J. Operations Management. 9th ed. The Mcgraw-Hill/irwin Series Operations and Decision Sciences. New York, N.Y.: McGraw-Hill, 2007.

Levels Of Planning Assignment

1770 words - 8 pages circumstances. Many critics have argued that unrelated diversification hurts a company more than it helps it. To overcome the threat of diversity Wells Fargo has implemented six steps to become more diverse.1. Executive management team takes responsibility for diversity and creates a culture that welcomes, respects and takes pride in diversity. We hold ourselves and others accountable and encourage open, honest feedback from team members.2. People

Sun Life Case

7990 words - 32 pages where people tend to be more westernised and richer. The products in these areas will be offered by means of personal selling carried out by a specially trained sales force. The organisation concept shows that Sun Life Financial can use their management expertise, financial strength and extensive customer service experience to support their business concept. Furthermore, it could use Everbright's established distribution channels and local market

This essay explains why it might be hard for parents to bring up children in the Christian faith

512 words - 3 pages In order to answer this question we must firstly look at what is done at the birth of the child. If they are baptised as a baby, they clearly include no opinion in the situation. If this child doesn't believe in this faith there will be obvious rise against this as they get older and realise what it means.Furthermore, a particularly social child who is busy quite a lot of the time may find it hard to go to Church when they are supposed to and

Vpost: Case Study

436 words - 2 pages V-post has the ability to substantially improve its profit margin, but it may difficult to realize that with the insight from Singpost, it can and will happen overnight. V-post is currently selling maximum range of approximately million bucks value of goods each day. As V-post faces many intense pressures to be more and more competitive and to increase profitability, a new perspective must be directed to the reduction and control of expenses

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

1749 words - 7 pages Disasters happen when multinational corporations though having enormous resources tend to look the other side when most of the people are uneducated and their governments do not care for them and their safety and laws are usually bent if not broken by the corporations for their benefit.On the night at around 1 a.m. on Monday, December 3, 1984, when most of the people were at home sleeping, a deadly toxic methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas leaked out

Standardized Tests: Helpful Or Harmful?

2147 words - 9 pages (pg.6)." This should eliminate the time it would take for you to read all of the sections. Time management for this test is the number one rule. Spending too much time on one question and not allowing enough time for the others could make one lose time on answering the questions they no the answers to. This is why it is very important for someone to have practice before the test. Not only does it eliminate the question of will it give more time

American History

371 words - 2 pages Throughout American history, the development of plantations (farms) in the American colonies arrived as immigrants arrived in small farms. The American people settled on the land west of the Mississippi for many diverse reasons. As the years went, by the profit and demand for crops such as tobacco grew larger. At that time, large plantation could had over 400 acres of fields growing anything from tobacco to maize and sugarcane(in the south), as

"Love In The Time Of Cholera" By Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Stylistic Analysis

815 words - 4 pages The author uses from the first person point of view. This is viewed in the first person because the author uses pronouns such as "we" and "my" in the story. To have pronouns such as "we" and "my" is the definition of first person narrators. An example of this can be seen through the following phrase:"My mother is not an inventive or convincing liar, and the excuses which occur to her are obviously second rate."We know that the narrator is

Albinism: Characteristics And Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

355 words - 2 pages Characteristics and symptomsThe characteristics and symptoms of albinism are:- very light skin color- blondish-white colored hair- visual impairments that require glasses- tendency to sunburn easily,- hearing impairments- blood-clotting problems- red/pink eyes- Low Vision- Sensitivity to bright light and glare- involuntary eye movements- "Slowness to see" in infancy- Inability of the eyes to work togetherThese are all symptoms of albinos but an

Contemplating Racism

1124 words - 5 pages From the beginning of recorded history, possibly before then, humans have found a necessity for classifying and categorizing every aspect of life. This need for order has been used to efficiently organize and clarify the endless details on Earth. This arrangement of objects in groups has also created a very sinister and volatile mindset that some people live by. This associative manner of classification has lead to the formation of beliefs in

Family Violence

2591 words - 11 pages takes a great deal of strength to recognize the need for help against a violent situation and even more strength to accept the help offered (Kimberg, 2001).Role of the advance practice nurse as a case managerAdvanced Practice Nurses like other primary care providers, have an obligation to advocate for abused patients. Specialization of domestic violence case management holds great potential to address domestic violence effectively (Epstein, 1999