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CJ AntoineProfessor GarciaENC-110229 October, 2013Should Stricter Gun Control Laws be Implemented in America?Go into your home, turn on the TV, and watch the news. Chances are that you're going to hear about some crime that recently happened involving the death or injury to someone by a gun. Over the years in America, gun violence has continued to be a talked about issue that has drawn much controversy. Crimes have become so severe that many have consider the act of taking away American's rights of owning these lethal weapons, claiming that it will bring a safer America. Others believe that it takes away our Second Amendment rights and that by doing it w ...view middle of the document...

3)." This helps prove why guns shouldn't be possessed by individuals any longer.To dig deeper into my research, I continued to look at how those for gun control view these weapons in today's economy and society. In the article "Gunning Down Personal Freedom" from the Academic OneFile database, Edward Erler states that gun control advocates believe that "No law-abiding citizen could possible need such a weapon…these weapons are not well-adapted for self defense -that only the military and police need to have them (Erler para. 2)." By stating that only the military and police should have them, those who are for gun control are saying that they don't believe in people being allowed to possess guns at all period. Knowing this helped me see gun control issues from a different point of view and allowed me to further question others' thoughts behind it. To see gun control from another aspect, I will now start to look at the views of those against gun control. What are the negative effects that gun control can cause?Many of those who are against gun control would argue that guns aren't the real problem for all of the mass murders that are being committed. Some people believe that it's more of mental health issue instead of a gun issue and that taking away people's guns wouldn't be fair. In the article "Gunning Down Personal Freedom" from the Academic OneFile database, Erler mentions the Los Angeles Times and how they admitted that "there is a connection between mental illness and mass murder (Erler para. 5)." This shows that mental illness is a serious cause of these murders and must somehow be resolved. Even though mental illness may be the more serious cause of these murders instead of the guns themselves, those for gun control can still argue that "it's better to disarm the entire population than to incarcerate a few mentally ill persons who are prone to engage in violent crimes" ( Erler para. 5). To help further prove why gun control shouldn't be put into effect, I must continue my research on the reasons why. What harm does taking guns away from citizens cause upon the nation?When looking at other reasons for why gun control laws shouldn't be put into effect, gun control advocates believe that guns are not the only cause for the mass murders that have been committed. In the article "Public Attitudes Toward Gun Control" from the Opposing Viewpoints database, Sandra Alters states that gun control advocates "Claim that knives and other instruments are used to kill people and that there is no talk of regulating or banning them (Alters para. 4)." This shows that you can't just blame guns for all of the problems that have erupted and that you have to account for other weapons that are out there, such as knives. The government can't really take away knives from people so one can argue that they shouldn't be able to take away guns from them either. The article also mentions alternate solutions instead of taking away guns from people. Alters sta...


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2513 words - 11 pages “An Exploratory Philosophical Essay on the Euthanization of Alzheimer's Patients” Erick Taht Phil 101 7/28/18 Should I have killed my Grandfather? When I was a child, my grandfather used to take me to watch the trains at the local railroad crossing. I can vividly remember rushing out of the house to drive over before we missed the train. Those are some of my earliest good memories. If you asked me as a child if those memories and experiences

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1648 words - 7 pages Zacharias 1 Richie Zacharias Professor Mouton English 106 March 29, 2018 The Effects of Divorce on Children When I was given this assignment, I knew I wanted to explore the effects of divorce on children. Since my parents are divorced, I thought that this would be an interesting topic for me to explore because I wanted to see what the effects of divorce are that research has shown and to compare them with the effects that are present in my life

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520 words - 3 pages Discuss the factors that affect the quality of the information obtain by marketing research. Be explicit.The information obtained by the marketing research is based on the data that may involve the specific types of errors. These errors are the factors that diminish the quality of data. The research design is classified into exploratory and conclusive that splits into descriptive and causal. Because these methods are different it is

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573 words - 3 pages Free Motives for Imperialism. Various motives prompt empires to seek to expand their rule over other countries or territories. These include economic, exploratory, ethnocentric, political, and religious motives. Requirements: A. Explain the reasons for English colonization (suggested length of 1–2 pages) by doing the following: think it could gain by colonizing North American? For example, what were other Europeans nations doing with colonies? How did

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1132 words - 5 pages an essay that would persuade the readers to believe how I did, but I learned that sometimes that is impossible, also that wasn’t my assignment. My assignment in writing a exploratory research paper was to write an opinionated yet fact supported essay, not to convince anyone, merely to provide the correct information. While doing peer editing I was further ensured that people may not always fully agree with the side the writer takes. After

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816 words - 4 pages slogan to set off association in the consumer’s mind. “Slogans, on the other hand, are used to sell brands. Slogans are part of a persuasive appeal that is obviously intended to convey something good or to remind consumers of a brand’s attributes” (Dimofte and Yalch 2007). Which correspondingly have a mental shortcut that they use to help them with decision-making, something that advertisers call exploratory. Through repetition, the brand is

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1117 words - 5 pages it has been limited. Apart from a single submarine study, much of what was known about the undersea region's geology was extrapolated from studies of other, more accessible, ocean ridges.Then in August 2001 an international team of scientists embarked on a rare exploratory mission aboard two icebreakers specially-equipped with scientific instruments to map the seafloor, collect samples, and analyze what really lies three miles (five kilometers


919 words - 4 pages perceive that as a problem whereas if one wants to limit the child's exploratory behaviour may see the child as a candidate for diagnosis.The diagnosis depends on how a person perceives that behaviour displayed by the child. Behaviours such as hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsivity can depend on the child's environment. For example, a child may be hyperactive or easily distractible while doing a boring or difficult task and may not be while

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5284 words - 22 pages of managerial activities will be positively related to project innovation. Hypothesis 3b A planned style of managerial activities will be positively related to project efficiency. Hypothesis 3c Change in project uncertainty moderates project management-performance relationships. Methods For this exploratory study, we sought an organization that would provide access to numerous and diverse projects. The chosen site was a U.S

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733 words - 3 pages theorized to be salient for this cultural group of females .(Flores & O’Brien, 2002). The Key Differences Between Qualitative And Quantitative Research Qualitative research goal is to develop an understanding of a social or human problem from multiple perspectives; also seen as exploratory research and answer the question “who, why, and in what way” (Abawi, 2008). In this study, the researchers are using qualitative data to identify and understand

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645 words - 3 pages by the SANS and SAPS tests to evaluate symptom severity). Research methods reported in the scholarly paper include: 1. Correlational analysis 2. Exploratory analysis 3. Descriptive analysis The independent variable in the scholarly study was: 1. The level of vitamin D found in blood samples from each test subject While the dependent variable in the scholarly study was: 1. The score on the SANS and SAPS test by schizophrenia patients Strengths of

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990 words - 4 pages Free take classes that cultivate your interests and push you to perform better, you will develop skills that will help you in whatever field you choose. College also exposes you to new and exciting experiences. The exploratory aspect of college provides very important and rewarding opportunities and an excellent introduction to adulthood. By studying abroad and joining clubs, you practice interacting with people of different personalities and

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2342 words - 10 pages undocumented victims of domestic violence and I will conclude with how this humanitarian visa can provide a path for United States citizenship for such sufferers. I will use five different sources from previous research that I did regarding this matter which I believe contained critical information that would be beneficial for my exploratory research paper. My first research source which is an article by the American Immigration Council talks about when

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1106 words - 5 pages -specific bullying with their attitudes towards LGBT individual. The results from this data analysis indicate that a weak yet statistically significant association exists between potential bystanders’ observances of behaviors directed towards LGBT peers and their attitudes about LGBT people in general. This researcher proposes to conduct exploratory data analysis from the 419 completed surveys in order to compare attitudes of potential bystanders to LGBT bullying events to their observances of current behaviors of faculty, staff, and other students towards LGBT students at Edinboro University.

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1121 words - 5 pages All the advancements in technology that were being made were not perfect and still are immune to making mistakes. On January 28, 1986 America was shocked by the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger, and the death of its seven crew members. As is expected in a field of work that's exploratory and uncertain such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) space program, any tragedy that occurs often makes