The Impact Of Advertising And Television Chaffey College Essay

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Sandra Prim
Professor Chatman-Riley
English 1B
18 February 2018
The advertising business is a billion-dollar industry in the United States. Businesses from all over the world compete with one another and allot big budget to expand and endorse ads just to pursue consumer’s likings for their brand or product. Advertisers put together a sense of likeness to their brands and products while persuading consumer’s way of thinking or feeling regarding the brand or product. The objective of advertising itself is to influence the audiences to respond to the ideas, products or services. “Manipulate” is the word here, not “persuade”; for advertising campaigns are not sources of product information, they exercise in behavior modification (Solomon). The influence of ads can be decided by the consumer’s final decision to use the products or service, in oppose to the competitors. In connection, consumer’s attitudes show the act of buying, consuming and disposing of products, services, ideas, or experiences whilst includes the search for information and actual purchase. It also indicates the opinion of the consumer point of view, thoughts, and stances. Popular culture acts as a mirror in our society.
For the advertisement to be successful and responsive, they use many persuasion approaches to persuade consumer. They also apply catchphrase or slogan to set off association in the consumer’s mind. “Slogans, on the other hand, are used to sell brands. Slogans are part of a persuasive appeal that is obviously intended to convey something good or to remind consumers of a brand’s attributes” (Dimofte and Yalch 2007). Which correspondingly have a mental shortcut that they use to help them with decision-making, something that advertisers call exploratory. Through repetition, the brand is embedded in the consumer’s minds and alters what they think about. As follows, advertising has influenced consumer’s behavior by incorporating the product in the list of options that they are weighing up. So, don’t expect and truly realistic ads in the future, because a realistic advertisement is a contradiction in term. (Solomon).
Advertisers are not only responsible of how they influence consumer’s buying behavior, but critics also blamed advertisements for being responsible on how they have manipulated consumer by placing an unrealistic standard of what society would deem necessary. Advertisers purposely sway consumer’s choice by successfully endorsing product and implanting brand image perceptions, they alter consumer’s perspective by combining product with a certain value that is deemed to be able to fulf...


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