Film Survey Of What Movies I Have Watched 2700 Flme Survey Essay

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Film Survey
FLME 2700
Emanuel Basulto
Emanuel Basulto
Professor Gaustad
FLME 2700
January 23, 2018
1. When it comes to watching films, I enjoy watching films that are full of action and adventure. Also I like films that have a meaningful message.
2. I enjoy watching films with action and adventure because they always keep me on the edge of my seat. I love film that have the huge explosions, gun shootings, police pursuits, and when the actors do those incredible stunts. Especially, when the heroes take down all of the villains and save the world and everyone lives happily ever after. Also keeps me thinking on how are they getting out of the situation that they got themselves in. Plus these types of films are never boring and keep me entertain through the whole movie. Most importantly, these aren’t the films that are going to bore you to sleep.
3. The last film I saw was Den of Thieves.
4. Christian Gudegast directed the movie, Den of Thieves.
5. I believe Den of Thieves was a great movie. It was full of action and at the same time it had many hilarious parts throughout the movie. What got...


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