Full Of Sins (short Horror-like Story For A Grade 10 Assignement) - English - Short Story

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Full of Sins 
Mia comes in her home with her long lost brother whom she has found. Her mother - Mel -
was so devastated of her elder daughter that left a year ago. She recently had her twins and
she doesn’t want her family to meet them. Mel told Mia about her brother that she gave up
for adoption when she was in high school, her dad - Hal - wanted her to have an abortion but
she gave it up for adoption hoping to see him one day. Hal and Mel where at the table when
they came in. “Who is this ?” Hal asked. “Mom, you remember when you told me about my
long lost brother ?” Mia said. Mel gets up stunned of how her son has grown so handsome.
She walks close to him and says “Leo? My name is Mel. Oh, i’m sorry. Mia probably told you
already. I...I just don’t know how to react or what to say.” She looks at him profoundly and
asks “Can i hug you ?” He walks close and welcomes her into his arms. Hal gets up and
stomps all the way to Leo, finger in the air screaming, “How dare you walk in this house!” He
turns to Mia, “How dare you bring him here? We don’t know him!” Mel walks in front of Hal
protecting Leo and Mia from his threatening finger. “Get out of this house now!” she
screamed, she glanced at Leo and then continues “How dare you talk to our new guest like
that!” Hal starts to contradict her but she cuts him off and says menacingly, “Hal, get out.”
Hal leaves. Mel turns around smiles and says, “Come let’s eat! The food will be cold”
While everyone was sleeping Leo was tossing and turning. He gets up taking a glass of
water down stairs and goes in Mia’s room watching her sleep. Leo walks towards her
examining her beautiful blond hair. Her skin is absolutely flawless, no trace of acne. She
tossed and Leo quickly tried to come up with an explanation but she didn’t wake up. He then
goes back to his room to sleep.
Two days later, Mel and Leo were preparing supper while waiting for Mia to come home so
they could eat together. A knock on the door resonates in the house. Mel goes to open the
door and a man with long greasy black hair, wearing a plain dirty white tank top with dirty
jeans was standing at the door. He examined Mel and then says with a raspy voice, “Is there
a Leo Andover here?” Leo popped his head from the kitchen. The man saw him and
stomped through the room to him. Leo backed up and stumbled into the table behind him.
“You owe me!” the man yelled taking Leo by the shirt and lifting him up. The man took his
gun that was hidden. Before the man could do anything, Mel knocked him down dead with a
baseball bat. Leo shocked sits down on the floor staring the man bleeding to death on the
floor. “The man was my drug dealer,” he then continues “I’m sorry..” , he keeps saying over
and over again.
Mia walks in the house and sees her mother clean up the man’s blood. “Mom! What are you
doing?” she yelps. Mel stops what she is doing and looks her daughter dead in the eyes and
says, “Don’t touch anything. He tried to hurt your brother.” Mia confu...

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