Fundraiser Letter For A School Trip Steele High School Formal Letter

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Dear *insert name here*,
You probably already know this, but just in case you don’t, this is my senior year of high school!
In addition to all of the “normal” senior year activities, I get the opportunity to participate in
something special over Spring Break. Every few years, my high school band takes a trip. This
year, we are going to NEW YORK! I am really excited to travel with my friends and see the
amazing sights that New York has to offer. Here are some of the things we will be doing:
- A Guided Tour of New York
- A Broadway Show
- Intrepid Museum and Performance
- National September 11th Memorial and Museum
- One World Observatory
- Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Ferry
- Shopping and Sightseeing in Manhattan
I know that I am going to have so much fun and make some great memories during this trip. The
things we are going to do and see makes this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In order to attend,
I will need to meet certain academic and behavioral requirements outlined by my school. The
ticket for me to go is $1,650. So, including money for food (and a little extra spending money)
the trip will cost at least $2,000. Because of the extra expenses of my senior year, p...


Summary and Analysis of King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail" - Carthage High School - Essay

993 words - 4 pages Lauryl Bankson College Composition II- Toliver 13 February 2019 Summary and Analysis of King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. writes “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, which was later published in King’s book “Why We Can’t Wait”, in response to criticism of nonviolent protests that took place in Birmingham, Alabama on Easter weekend 1963. King was taken into custody on April 16, 1963 for parading without a permit while

Examples of proper cover letter - Portfolio,, Ballou Senior High school - Portfolio Project

3769 words - 16 pages very proud of all the things I have accomplished this year at TMA- such as making honor roll, improving on my math skills, growing mentally stronger, and I believe I have become more mature. I did meet the major parts of my academic goals for the year. I did not meet my behavioral goal because I exceeded 10 infraction points. Next year I will continue to prove people wrong when they tell me I cannot do things and keep a positive mindset as I go through these two years in high school. Thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter and serving as the panelists for my my portfolio presentation. 11 

letter of parents to school from edmodo - highschool - essay

878 words - 4 pages EDMODO PARENT LETTER DeJesús Dear Parents, This year we will be using Edmodo in English I & II.  Edmodo is a free and secure learning network for teachers, students, and schools.  It provides a safe way for teachers and students to connect, share content, access homework, participate in discussions, manage due dates, and receive class information. Unlike other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Edmodo is a

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804 words - 4 pages Dear Kurt, I miss you so much and I wish you could be here in Spain with me. Spain is very nice and I wish you could be here with me. Today, I decided to spend my time in the Museo Nacional Del Prado (Prado Museum). This museum is very grand and it was founded in 1819 and is located in central Madrid. I have never visited a museum like this before and I wish you could see everything I am seeing. As I walk into the museum it has very high

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1011 words - 5 pages with a raised capacity to be accountable, another trait I sharpened within this course. I’ll admit, I have lied many times in regard to homework, tests, and projects during high school and even some of college. Before, I never saw this as wrong, I would tell myself that it was me versus my school, that they were trying to fail me at every chance they had and only wanted my tuition money. However, after taking this course, I learned that it

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548 words - 3 pages reservation to be successful. A few days before this happened, Arnold throws his new geometry book at Mr. P’s face because of his disappointment after looking at his first geometry book which was about thirty years old. As a result, Arnold was suspended from school for a week. During his suspension, Mr. P goes to Arnold’s house to have a talk with him. Mr. P tells Arnold that he is the only one with hope on the reservation but he will have to

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331 words - 2 pages Free Dear Teft: As I read about you, I wonder why, although you have a genteel background, you chose a rebellious form of behavior. You wired cars, took them for joy rides, as well as other forms of mischief. It was not, however, your criminal background that caused your parents to punish you by sending you to camp at Box Canyon. Instead, it was because of your actions when you traveled to Exeter School with your father to petition for

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707 words - 3 pages accomplishments throughout their lifetime. In 1996 he received the American Library Association’s Literary Award for his work on RL’s Dream and the O. Henry Award for A Socrates Fortlow. In 2000 he received a Grammy for his musical score, Workin’ on the Chain Gang. He is also a recipient of the PEN America’s Lifetime Achievement Award and he holds an honorary doctorate from the City College of New York. 12. If the author wasn’t successful or

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591 words - 3 pages Evan Howley Mrs. Hugus Pd 4 9/23/2018 Blanco’s High School Life Dear Evan, Hello Evan. This is Evan. I know you just finished high school, but I have a few questions for you, so take a seat. Your life is good now but think back and decide whether your life has gotten better. How’s your girlfriend? If you even have one. How is your job now that you finally quit Chick-fil-a? Lastly, are you satisfied with where you are in life and where you are

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4776 words - 20 pages staying formal creates a distinctive voice ultimately highlighting an accurate description of his sister. Spencer begins his speech through the use of the rule of three where he states “a family in grief, a country in mourning before a world in shock. By making each statement pass on to a bigger statement it emphasises the importance of Princess Diana not only for her family, but also to the greater world. Spencer’s love for his sister can further

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946 words - 4 pages –level science class in high school will be a tremendous help when the student is in college. Secondly, the student can earn college credit by taking the AP Physics 1 exam at the end of the year. This of course depends upon how well the student does on the exam and the college and major in which the student enrolls. Please contact the specific college or university for more information. Mathematics, including trigonometry, geometry, and algebra will

PHysic EEI about the effects of lengths and amplitude for a pendulum - Indooroopilly state high school, 2018 - assignment

5144 words - 21 pages as providing a formal hypothesis confirmation for the relationship between the period and amplitude of a pendulum: T increases marginally as amplitude increases. To confirm the period of the pendulum does marginally increases as the amplitude increases, 10 and 30 oscillations of 20 and 50 degrees were done for 5 trials, which is shown in the table below: Released Angle (Degree) Number of Oscillation Swung Period for Selected number of

A business letter on expanding into foreign markets

474 words - 2 pages types of ideas and goods that we could sell in addition to our coffe and desserts. Also we realize that people like a relaxing atmosphere in a coffe and desert house. we will acomidate this by having soothing music in our stores, books, and magazines that fit the customers of each of the countries we go into.We would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We hope you are able to advise us and some more ideas you have for us expanding our business outside the United States. Also tell us if the issues that we coered in the letter are correct or could be fixed.

A letter from Eliza Doolittle to Mrs Higgins - English - Essay

1118 words - 5 pages ____________________________________________________________________ Rationale  In the English program, creative writing had to be done for task 1. The creative writing had to be about the book, Pygmalion, which was read in class and so, a letter by Eliza to Mrs. Higgins is chosen. Eliza is writing a letter to Mrs. Higgins as gratitude for letting her stay in her flat when Eliza was fighting with Henry Higgins but to also tell her what had happened

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524 words - 3 pages Hamilton-Walker 1 Hamilton-Walker 2 Amber Hamilton-Walker J. Roger Kurtz ENGL 204: Postcolonial Literature II February 11, 2019 A Mother’s Love Ramatoulaye, is a loving mother in Mariama Bâ’s So Long A Letter. While dealing with her deceitful husband, Modou’s “abandonment of his first family” (9) and his death shortly after, Ramatoulaye must accept her fate as a single mother. The battles that she faces throughout the novel are not only specific