End Gun Violence For Any School And Everywhere Blackville Hilda High School Essay

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Quincy Stroman
English 4
A. Introduction
B. Telling about how kids growing up
C. Seeing violence all your life
D. How to help kids and to motivate
E. Conclusion.
Life of and young african american and gun violence
You can find gun violence anywhere around america. I believe once your 18 you should be legal to carry a weapon. Some young kids are shown guns before they are 18. If you are old enough to go to county jail at 18 you should be able to carry a firearm. To many young kids are are dying to gun violence everyday. Even though once your 18 you should be able to carry a gun, gun violence should be stopped because to many young kids are getting killed and police can handle any situation.
If you are on the outside looking in you wouldn’t know anything about what’s going in teenagers life these days. Mostly african american kids deal with gun violence. Most grow up with fatherless homes, raised in bad neighborhoods and feel its only one way out because that’s all they knew growing up. It’s not okay to do things their doing but instead of the world judging them just by the color of their skin they should try to help. Start programs for young black teenagers make school a better environment show you love the kids be there for them.
Most kids get into the bad things because they feel nobody cares for them and they feel they only have themselves. Growing up in a rough neighborhood with a single mom is hard nobody wants to see their mom struggle so you feel the need to go out and help. You start doing the wrong things you start going down the wrong path missing school, getting into trouble. Judging a young black African American is wrong put yourself in somebody else shoes before you judge them. Just by the color of your skin people think they can tell your life but it should give you motivation to go and probe everyone that has doubted you wrong.
Not every kid grows up as blessed as others. It's always another way out you just have to use your brain and over come all the doubt and take that as motivation to make yourself better. We can do anything we put our mind to we just have to believe in ourselves. There is nothing in this world you should tell yourself no about. As a young black African American you have to strive harder than anybody and don't take school for granted because you will be overlooked.
If you are overlooked take that as another way to push yourself even harder. Putting the guns down is not only for African Americans buy for everyone in the world. Many of people are exposed to guns early so that's why I believe you should be able to carry guns at the age of 18. Many parents lose their kids everyday due to gun violence. It has to be stopped kids as young as nine maybe even younger are shot and killed.
We live in a crazy world and to make a change it starts with one person. The world would become a better place if everyone would put their differences aside and come together and stop judging people. Life is...


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