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Pond Water Life Lab Science Probe 10

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Aim: Observing pond water.Materials: Microscope, slide of pond water, protests/monera handouts.Procedure:1. Collect microscope from trolley.2. Set up microscope and switch on the microscope light.3. Collect specimen and handouts.4. Sketch 4-6 different species on medium power setting.5. Try to estimate size of cells.Observations: I noticed that there was a lot of activity on the slide. There were many little circle-shaped things that were moving quickly all over the slide. I saw a limnocalanus on the slide, but it was dead. I ...view middle of the document...

I saw a lot of different things, and the handouts allowed me to identify them.Pond life discussion questions:1. The high power lens was not used because it would dip into the pond water.2. I saw one true animal that I knew of in my slide, and that was the limnocalanus.3. Green protests are called plant-like protists, because they have chloroplasts.4. Animal-like protest can breathe, and eat.5. The euglena uses its whip-like "tail" to move. It flicks the tail and that propels it around.6. The paramecium uses its cilia to move around randomly.7. The amoeba uses its pseudo pod (false foot) to move around.8. I do not know if the protists I saw were free living or parasitic.9. The white blood cells in our body are like an amoeba.10. 11. Drinking water is kept free of protists by filters and chlorine.12.a) Red tide is red algal blooms that affect shellfish, making them bad too eat. b) When shellfish are infected with red tide, they are bad for humans to eat.13.Spirogyra Porticalis (green alga) has spiral chloroplast.14. a) Malaria is a parasitic protist. b) Malaria is very dangerous because it spreads easily and can kill a human.

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