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Great Wall Of China Essay

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Darina EidEnglishI have learned a variety of things researching the Great Depression. First of all that it was the largest economic breakdown in history, it all started on Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929 when the stock market crashed. This affected everyone, banks businesses etc. Since banks invested in the stock markets, they were forced to close and people were crazy going to banks to get their money and people who did not go in time became bankrupt. Workers were ...view middle of the document...

That deal eased the catastrophes of the Great Depression. But what really ended the war was the US entering World War II since both people and industries became really important for world effort. The great Depression didn't only affect the United States but it was also the most serious in European economic life. After World War I ended Europe was left very weak and in recovery, while the United States was making great technological advances and industries and economy was growing. The Unites States and Europe made a deal so United States was lending money to Europe to help its economy. Since Europe counted with that money to stabilize their economy with the Great Depression they run out of money. It also brought Hitler to power since he promised the people to get them out of depression. Since it brought Hitler to power it eventually led off to the start of World War II. Germany was the country most affected in Europe by the Great Depression. Factories and businesses closed, by 1931 and over 5 million Germans were unemployed. Most of the European nations found themselves with large war debts, unemployment and large severe economic issues all due to the Great Depression.

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