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Anthony Reed, Jr
History 131
Mr. Bardot
March 28th, 2019
Section 2 Test
During the ancient world times, many civilizations brainstormed new ideas surrounding the development of their culture. According to the dictionary, the Ancient World was considered region around the Mediterranean and the Near East before the fall of the Western Roman Empire in AD 476. During the times of the ancient world, Rome and Greece were the two main civilizations of this period. With that being said, Rome and Greece were two of the most influential groups that helped push the idea of the evolution of western civilization.
Rome is a prime example of progression; Rome was a small group which grew to dominate many surrounding portions around them. Before all of the influences and ideas, Rome was primarily a monarchy created by Romulus, the first king of Rome. While in the reign, Romulus established a Senate beside his rule. The council was made of noblemen who Romulus selected. Shortly after the overthrow of the monarch, Rome built a conquering and unstoppable civilization. The civilization was able to conquer other parts of Europe and implement their systems and culture. With all of the conquering and replacing foreign cultures with theirs, Rome quickly became one of the two most influential civilizations that our government gathered ideas from.
One of those ideas that we currently use is the idea of law. The Roman law explained the rights of the citizens it governed. Today, we have rules that our government put in place to help regulate us. Along with the conquering of surrounding areas followed the spread of religion throughout Europe. Christianity became the prominent religion of Rome. Christianity is still the most followed religion, making it an essential connection between ancient and modern civilization. The Romans were consistently developing new ideas, many of which are very technological. For starters, they paved roads to lead throughout the empire. This was a technological advancement that we still use in this period. Roman architecture was another advancement of its time. With the architecture, the Romans were able to construct cities and other important buildings that hold substantial culture and beliefs. They also created the calendar; calendars are still used daily across the world. All of the examples that I explained are only a portion of the spread ideas that are found everywhere currently.
Greece is the other most influential group that pushed the idea of western civilization. Western civilization can be described as a constellation of customs, belie...


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