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Triumph of Spirit: Overcoming Bipolar Disorder
Alyssa Reyans, a mother diagnosed with bipolar disorder said,​“The doctor’s words made
me understand what happened to me was a dark, evil, and shameful secret, and by association I
too was dark, evil, and shameful. While it may not have been their intention, this was the
message my clouded mind received. To escape the confines of the hospital, I once again
disassociated myself from my emotions and numbed myself to the pain ravaging my body and
mind. I acted as if nothing was wrong and went back to performing the necessary motions to get
me from one day to the next. I existed but I did not live”. Bipolar disorder or manic depression
is, by definition, a mental disorder marked by alternating periods of elation and depression that
can occur at any given point of the day. When you have bipolar disorder there are unusual shifts
in your mood, energy, and ability to function. It can interfere with one’s everyday life and cause
friction between them and the people they are the most close to. When someone thinks about
having bipolar disorder or knowing someone that has bipolar disorder they believe it to be a
negative they and. It makes them feel as though they would be a prisoner to it.
There are multiple symptoms that can be associated with this psychological disease,
known as bipolar disorder. One of these symptoms is dramatic mood swings, in which someone
will be very happy one second and suddenly they are in a very dark place in their life. The
periods of highs and lows are often called episodes of mania and depression. Hypomania is the
term used for a mild to moderate level of mania. It may feel good to the person who experiences
it and may even be associated with good functioning and enhanced productivity. Without proper
treatment, hypomania can become severe mania or can it can switch into depression. Sometimes,
severe episodes of mania or depression can include episodes of psychosis symptoms. These
symptoms can be either mild or severe, but they should be treated equally. Some other symptoms
include severe changes in energy and also in behavior. Depression also tends to show it’s own
symptoms while its associated with bipolar behavior. Some symptoms of depression are poor
appetite or eating too much, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, nervousness and worry, loss
of interest in usual activities, feelings of sadness that tend not go away, irritability or restlessness,
a lack of energy, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, etc. Bipolar disorder can take someone
through a sea of emotions that could eventually become way too much to handle.
Alth​ough bipolar disorder can not be cured, there are multiple treatments that are
available. This mental disorder is a long-term and often chronic condition. ​Treatments for bipolar
disorder can be divided into three categories. These categories are acute, continuation,or
maintenance treatment. Acute treatment tends to focus on suppressing current symptoms ...

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