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Dear Kelly 4/19/17
The book I have chosen to write about is H20 by Virginia Bergin. In my opinion it is a scary book about a girl named Ruby. It is a sci-fi horror novel which in my opinion is a 9. this book was a delight to read and at points brought tears to my eyes. Like I said it was an interesting book, in a good way, it kept me hooked and wanting to read more and more. I was inspired to choose it after I read a quote on the cover which says, “It’s in the rain…and just one drop will kill you.” This quote is the main reason I read this, book because it’s scary and intriguing.
As I said this book is about a girl named Ruby who is part of the .27 percent of the survivors of “killer rain”. Ruby talks about how in the past an asteroid almost hit earth but people shot a nuclear weapon and destroyed it a few years later a type of bacteria gets into the rain and when it touches skin or any part of you… People start to get rashes that are irresistible. People scratch and they start to pull off skin and the bacteria gets to their heart and die if they are not already dead from blood loss. The main plot is Ruby is trying to find her father which may be dead already.
There were so many awesome quotes I wanted to share and even the one I said in the first paragraph but I chose
“the doors locked. The people in the parking lot were running for cover screaming running back to the supermarket, where other people were trying to get out. BLAM! A woman-a little trail of blood running down her face slammed into the window. Seeing us inside she tried to get in the backseat of the car screaming “LET ME IN!”. BLAM her hands slammed into the window and Simon yelled “you...


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896 words - 4 pages . Why might this generational gap exist? You may want to consider your own education compared to your parents’ or grandparents’ educations. Not Yet Meeting 1 Beginning 2 Approaching 3 Proficient 4 Superior 5 Paragraph does not include a topic or a closing sentence. Paragraph lacks a main idea (a point) that connects to the question. Response does not use examples from the story or from real life, leaving the main idea unsupported. Frequent errors