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In a rapidly changing world, organizations need to continually identify new opportunities beyond existing competencies if they are to survive and prosper. Customers also increasingly want customized products. Customer service has become a hygiene factor and customer loyalty is now being driven by faster innovation, rapid concept-to-market and product co-creation. This has led to the extension of the collaboration paradigm to customer facing functions in the supply chain, namely the product design and prototyping phase. Collaboration is becoming a new and important source of competitive advantage.Historically, analysts in the investment bank tended to work independently. Especially, in ...view middle of the document...

The second Capital-Structure report about U.S. Utilities covered 5 companies. This time, it seemed like there were clear goals; "The idea from get-go was that people would be able to pick up this thing and start generating trades from it. That was goal number one. The second goal was to have the report sitting on people's desks for a good period of time as a reference guide to how different parts of the capital structure impacted each other and affected valuations and potential opportunities" In addition, the participants in this project worked pretty closely together already. However, these were not enough for the effective collaboration. They were still not motivated to the project a lot, and the more commitment might have been called for. This means that they still didn't have specific goal to head for. Absence of specific goal naturally brought lots of debates which slow the progress. When the team finished the project, the report got a lot of positive feedback from clients. And it seems that Merrill Lynch met its goal in the beginning. However, without the specific goal of what they should achieve, and with the lots of information they should mix all together, "it was a grinding exercise" to reach on the final result.The Third Capital-Structure Report was about auto companies. At this time U.S. specialists and Europe specialists worked together. Analysts did not need much convincing because they already knew the need for this collaborative work. There were lots of energy and enthusiasm already. In addition, this third project started with a plan; they knew what they want to achieve specifically and they also had the clear deadline. The whole procedure was progressed very smoothly from this step to the next. As a result, Sales heard from a client that "the value-added ideas contained in the report are original, differentiate Merrill from the rest of the Street, and give them another reason to pay Merrill commissions."Even though Merrill Lynch learned lots of things undergoing the upper three cases, there still are many issues remained. The project might have been more timely and had a clear leader. To achieve the further successful innovation and collaboration, there are many important things Browning as the director of the research department should have thought about.As a leader for change, Browning should set the theme by communicating inspiring visions, which provide a picture of the future combining poetry and prose, imagination and pragmatism, drawing on destination, dream, prize, target, message, and first step. So, first, as a leader Browing must be secure about team's charter, mission, goals and objectives to team members. And employees must believe a certain level of individual effort will lead to achieving the corporation's standards of performance. So Browing should set stretch goals which they energize people. And Browing must confront the key questions that must be answered and then communicate the inherent truth that inspir...


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5224 words - 21 pages plant and equipment resale values and a small book of real-estate loans to clients is secured by real estate and other investments pledged to Merrill Lynch. A couple of exceptions fell foul of these strict rules but the clients in question were very well known to the highest echelons of senior management. The asset management business at Merrill Lynch was essentially built on the ability to sell US mutual funds through the 15,000 brokers. Since

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963 words - 4 pages rate of horizontal HBV infection and reflects the decline in hepatocellular carcinoma. Based on the case-control and cohort studies show that the presence of HBsAg in serum causes the chronic HBV infection and elevated for HCC development. This kind of problem cause the hepatitis B patients have no hepatitis B surface antigen that detected in serum. After the disappearance of HBsAg and appearance of anti-HBs, the level of HBV DNA in serum and

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1028 words - 5 pages . Merrill Lynch forecasted that One-Tel would run out of cash by April 2001. And eventually it did. By March 2001, One.Tel’s cash reserve got reduced to A$35 million and within a month, on 19 April 2001, the company’s cash balance plummeted to A$25 million. Though the company was on the verge of collapse, nobody seemed to care. The 1999-2000 expenditures show that, the company bought telecommunication licenses in March 2000, which cost them A$523

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8984 words - 36 pages future depending on how one looks at events. It definitely can be more objective.Giving advice on television, Merrill Lynch & Co already separates its analysts pay and supervision from its banking units. " Information also wants to be expensive…because it can be immediately valuable to the recipient".BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Agnes, Michael, ed. Webster's New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition, USA: Macmillan, 1999 2. Melicher, Ronld and Edgar

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5284 words - 22 pages perceptions of project performance during each panel of data collection and to assess performance regardless of whether or not the project was completed by the end of the two years. To tap the multifaceted nature of performance, we studied project innovation and efficiency. The resulting measures are similar to those used in survey research (e.g., Souder, Sherman, & Davies Cooper, 2002, 520-33) and to conceptualizations posed by case studies (e.g

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1969 words - 8 pages authentication systems" IBM Syst. J. vol. 40 no. 3 pp. 614-634 2001”. The adequacy of this innovation is firmly connected to the utilization of information handling. Information is put away in documents to empower fast and solid recognizable proof, which thusly ensures both solace and security. The most outstanding procedures incorporate fingerprints, confront acknowledgment, iris, palm and DNA-based acknowledgment. Research is at present opening

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1602 words - 7 pages minority in the actual work of coding to find the answer. Therefore, most organisations in the field today work in a team-based setting, with each team work on specific project and have certain freedom in collaborating, instead of breaking up into pieces to work on their own. In the case study of Bloomberg, Ravenel’s team working towards the goal of driving sustainability not by a division of tasks but rather by collaboration to combine each

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2225 words - 9 pages satisfaction. It also helps put my patients in the best condition possible, so they can recover quickly (Duffy, Donnell, & Snowden, 2014). Florence Nightingale was a historical nursing figure in the nineteenth century who is credited for bringing respect to the nursing profession. She introduced formal training program for nurses. She founded the Nightingale School and Home for Nurses at St. Thomas’s Hospital London in 1960. Her curriculum focused

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2296 words - 10 pages successful. Apple Inc. still has been succeeding with that strategy, but the lesson from the previous number one technology company, which was Microsoft, indicates risks. Microsoft Corp. had fallen because they played a safe strategy when they were at the peak of the industry, by keeping every product the same instead of focusing more on innovation since they are a technology company (Finkle 2011). Reporting and Communication System The other