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Diana Kearney HPE102C Mr Waugh
Sociology Reflective Writing Task
Since a 7 year old girl who fell in love with the pretty dresses of ice skating, I have been on a journey through sport which has currently taken me to participate in AFL, a male hegemonic dominated sport. I have many opportunities, but am also faced with many barriers that can be eliminated with the guidance of Peter Figueroa. The system he has created explores the issues surrounding access and equality of participation in sport, resolving the challenges that I am confronted by. Reflecting upon my involvement within volleyball this semester, the sociocultural environment within the class helps overcome the inequalities that Figueroa had initially detected. Being excluded from the hegemonic dominant gender I am fortunate enough to have the luxury of the Mansfield society where I am to be able surround myself with individuals of the same ambitions. I continuously nurture my competitive drive with my outside involvements in sports, but yet to this day I become an agent of socialisation for my family who deny that physical activity is necessary. I make decisions for my desire to prosper, about what opportunities I choose to engage in and being provided the institution and environment I have, it is no doubt that continuing senior PE is a priority. Figure 1: Figueroa’s Framework
Body 1 – Individual
My involvement in skating, touch and AFL have shaped my values, attitudes and beliefs, which I consider to be why I have the confidence and skills I portray currently. As an individual I have a variety of skills due to my vast experiences that allow me easily adapt to the needs of any specific sport. My involvements from an early age in ice skating shaped my identity, developing my self-discipline and competitive drive, which lead me to further participate more sport. From there, I found enjoyment in touch and AFL, which give me variety in my skills. I strongly believe that in many circumstances I am faced with stereotypes due to my gender. I have chosen to defeat these statements by participating in a hegemonic dominated sport, proving the stereotypes wrong and being a role model for other females who feel categorised. When I train or play, I am constantly unsatisfied with my last performance and ensure that I execute me skills better than the time before to fulfil my self-concept. I value the hours spent towards practicing, so I take the participation in HPE to develop my skills which will lead to my success and also my enjoyment. Therefore, I am able to prove my skills are no less than those of the opposite gender. The mannerisms and beliefs I have previously developed and chosen to portray are the reasons why the physical environment of senior PE will be a great choice of subject for me as it allows me to enjoy myself.
Body 2 – Interpersonal - become your environment
The interactions I have with the people around me have contributed to my decision, allowing me to be a key member in the practical, but also theoretical atmosphere of the subject. Growing up, my parents have played an important role with my development and love for sport. Although they believed that sport was unnecessary, I have become an agent of socialisation, changing their perspective after my many years of dedication. It has established my interest and passion which lead me towards a variety of different sports. I believe that I had adopted the sporting gene from my father and since a young age I chose to participate in ice skating because it gave me satisfaction and accomplishment. The most important interpersonal interactions I have with highly motivated peers, which in fact directed me to attempting touch football and furthermore, AFL. They provide me with a positive environment that makes learning and participating pleasurable and benefitting towards self-actualisation.
“If the ultimate goal is to improve yourself, one way to do it is to be very cooperative with other people.”
(Poortvliet, 2010)
When I see other students achieving high levels I look up to them, since I do not follow a significant sporting team or player, the people around me become my role models. I also look up to my teachers and coaches for the dedication and knowledge that they have and the information they provide me with. I surround myself with students that want to achieve high levels, giving me the inspiration to become better also allowing me to become my environment. Receiving constructive criticism and positive comments from other students, teachers and coaches fulfils my self-esteem and making me want to continue the work I am doing.
Body 3 – Institutional
It is not often I get the opportunity to play sport in an institution that provides a great environment. The barriers of access and equity are overcome under the roof of Mansfield society. Being able to play sport at school gives me an escape from the more stressful setting of other classroom subjects that confine in a room with strict very rules. HPE provides relaxation for me and being able to have access to good equipment and resources distribution to play a number of different sports. As seen in figure 2, participation in sport has been proven to increase depending on the quality of the facilities. A greater percent of school students chose to play sport in school hours when the facilities are moderate or high. I believe that Mansfield also has a diverse community of students that are all treated with equity. No students are treated unfairly and everyone follows the rules. This is why the institution I am provided with is another reason for my selection of senior PE. Figure 3: Participation in interscholastic sports among boys and girls by availability of sports facilities 2009-2011
Source: Colabianchi et al., 2012.
Overcoming the barriers that prevent access and equality in the HPE environment is the reason why Professor Peter Figueroa would be content. The skills I have obtained through physical activity such as confidence and self-discipline are attribute that I have obtained that will benefit me in the future. With the dedication of a stable and knowledgeable staff facility and the high motivation of other students, the tradition nature of the school community provides a great environment for me to prosper. Being able to escape from the regular classroom scenarios, I am benefited in the atmosphere created by my peers. As an individual, I strive for the variety of different physical activities and skills which I am given. With no doubt, I will be continuing senior PE to develop my abilities and to find enjoyment within the school hours. Not only will I chose PE in year 11 but also year 12 due to the help of Figueroa who has made it clear to me that playing sport gives me skills I would be able to use even in a work setting.
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