How Did Americans Face The Struggles Of Industrial America? Middletown High American Studies Essay

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I am writing about spider-man.
Spider-mans real name is peter parker.
Peter was an ordinary boy.
He lived in New York City with his Aunt
May and Uncle Ben. Peter often dreamed
of being a superhero.
Peter Parker was a student at Midtown
High school. He was very clever and
worked hard at his lessons.
He always got good marks and his
favorite subject was science.
Peter was a quiet, shy boy did not have
many friends. He was not very good at
sports, and he was afraid of heights.
Other students, like Flash Thompson,
sometimes made fun of him. One day,
Peter Parkers life changed forever. He
was bitten by a radioactive spider at a
science exhibition. The spiders poison
entered Peters body and made him start
to change he felt very strange! The
spiders bite gave Peter fantastic new
powers. He became really strong and
could climb tall sky skyscrapers. Peter
decided to become a wrestling star on
television. He called himself Spider-
One day, Uncle Ben was killed by a
burglar. This made Peter decide to use
his amazing powers to help people and
catch criminals. Peter turned Spider-man
from a television star into a Superhero!
Spider-man’s special costume and mask
protect his true identity from his
enemies. Peter wears his...

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