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M1: Compare the purposes of the different documents used in the selection and recruitment process of a given organisation.
In this task, I will be comparing the purposes of the different documents used in the selection process of a given organisation. During the process of recruitment and selection, there were many documents used and analysed during this time. The documents used during this process were a job description, a job advert, a person specification, a CV, a covering letter, a short listing form, an interview checklist and interview questions were also used. 
A job description is an outline of all that is needed for a particular position. It contains the job title, the main purpose of the job and the duties needed for the job. The reason for a job description is very important as this document will list out the roles and activities in which an applicant will be responsible for if they choose to apply for the job. This document is found on the application form to inform the applicant of what is needed from them for this role. Waitrose have made effective use of the job description. By utilising the documents as a method of answering the majority of applicants questions and queries by informing than about the role though a detailed depiction, they also used it to inform the applicant with a little bit of background information about what is required if they were to work for them, this gives the applicant a very clear insight about the job they are considering to apply for as well as answering a lot of questions about the job role and duties.
A person specification describes the requirements an applicant needs to have to be able to do the job. This is different from a job description because a job description describes the job whilst a person specification describes the person needed to do the job. A person specification also helps to during the selection process because it helps pick out the suitable person. A person specification is found on an application form to inform the applicant whether they are the right person for this job. This document can also be used to during appointing staff because the owner can use this as a checklist to see whether the person they are choosing is right for the job. It is important that the skills and experience is included in the person specification and is relevant to the job role because there is a risk that someone may be recruited on a wrong basis. A person specification helps to assist the focus within the recruitment process and helps to avoid any problems.
A job advertisement purpose is to advertise and inform people about a job or vacancy opening. The kind of information you will find on a job advert includes the title or name of the role a short description which will appeal to applicant about the importance and value of the job.
A job advertisement is different from a job description, serves its purpose – to inform employees of exactly what their job entails. Whereas, with a job advert, i...


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