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Hunger Games Vs Society Essay

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Lim 1Avery LimMr. StewartENG 3U20 August 2014The Hunger Games vs Reality: The TruthToday's society has been twisted warped into worshipping money, media and appearances. This phenomenon is apparent in both fiction and reality through Suzanne Collin's, The Hunger Games and modern western civilization. Firstly, most people in the Capitol are like rich fools similar to people living today who think only of their own comforts. Secondly, the Hunger Games and reality television is a profitable market that forces people to resort to extremes in order to survive. Thirdly, the superficiality of the people in the Capitol can be compared to people in the present day. Most Americans have warped ideals ...view middle of the document...

" (Collins 26)The Capitol is a place of seemingly infinite wealth, especially compared with District 12. One meal of theirs, as Katniss notes, would take her days to assemble. Only the rich can afford medicine and food. President Snow's hides the poor development of the districts from their citizens in the Capitol to keep the wealth within the government. This poverty is shown in today's society, millions of people all over the world are dying from starvation and treatable diseases. In well developed countries such as Canada or United States there are landfills coved in wasted food and pharmaceutical companies who monopolize the market and over charge for medicine and treatments. The reason the human species has thrived so well is their ability to share knowledge and work together. Countries are becoming more consumed by wealth leaving under developed nations to catch up on their own. As humanity becomes more selfish others will be jealous leading to a possible war.Entertainment industries and Snow's government share a common trait in exploiting the poor to gain profit. They do this by forcing the less fortunate to preform dangerous tasks such as taking part in the Hunger Games or preforming risky stunts. The Hunger Games is a yearly event picking people from every district to go and fight against each other. The Citizens of Panem use the Hunger Games as entertainment and a way to gain profit and don't care about the well-being of the contestants. Katniss has a conversation with Gale about the Hunger Games and how it is about entertaining the Capitol."It's true. We spent one Hunger Games watching the players freeze to death at night. You could hardly see them because they were just huddled in balls and had no wood for fires or torches or anything. It was considered very anti-climactic in the Capitol, all those quiet bloodless deaths. Since then, there's usually been wood to make fires." (Collins 34-35)Lim 3The Hunger Games, in which tributes fight each other to the death in front of the cameras, are an extreme example of reality television. In today's entertainment, worldwide wrestling, mixed martial arts and reality competition shows, the players are used as a way to gain wealth. The athletes beat each other to until their...

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