Imma Land Castle Rock And Get A Hunti Ryfle Then Hit A Phat Nosc On Ur Glidng Ass University Of Milk And Obesity Essay

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Timescales: Community Participation Advanced
Skills Audits
Needs questionnaire
Purpose &benefits
Aims & objectives
Success criteria
Community feedback
C.A.P submitted(tutor)
27th Nov
C.A.P interviews
Interview with tutor
Coaching starts
Coaching starts
Tuesday 11th September.
Hour 1: Assessing overall ability with dribbling, shooting and passing, do different drill to see the level of each student in areas.
Hour 2: Asses each student’s ability in movement, knowledge of basketball and communication with drills for each skill.
Hour 3: Dribbling drills
Hour 4: Shooting drills
Hour 5: Passing skills
Hour 6: Recap dribbling shooting and passing skills.
Hour 7: Tournament to reassess ability
Hour 8: In depth tactics analysis of shooting. (explanation of when to shoot and shooting form)
Hour 9: analysis of importance of dribbling (explanation of how to make space)
Hour 10: analysis of passing importance (how to move around defences and score points using passes)
Hour 11: movement and footwork drills.
Hour 13: teaching about rules (travelling and verbal abuse rules)
Hour 14: teaching about rules (personal foul rules)
Hour 15: communication lesson (importance of team communication and example drills, how it helps to beat defences and offences)
Hour 16: Tournament to reassess ability in movement knowledge and...

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