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A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud Character Analysis
In the book A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud we can see the three drastically different character and all these character has their special personality to make this story up, Leo the rude and annoying character, The paper boy who is smart, nice and empathetic and last the Old man who is depressed but at the same time nice. The story’s characteristic action and words can define their personalities.
Leo an old worker in the café, in the story he is represented as a rude and annoying character. And these characteristics can be shown in the story. In a lot of times, Leo will always interrupt their conversation for example when the old man said “when I laid myself down on a bend and tried to think about her my mind became blank I couldn’t see her…” after the old man had said that Leo rudely shouted down the counter and said “Say Mac! Can you imagine this bozo’s mind a blank(page 5 middle of the page)!” I believe it is wrong to call someone stupid or in this case a “bozo”, just because his mind became was blank it does not define him as stupid, as he knows that the old man is suffering form butyral of love he is still rude to him and never looks at his perspective. Another example we can see here is “But the pair of them had vanished from the face of the earth!” and the old man replied back “ Don’t listen to him ( page 4 last paragraph).” As you can see the old man is already tired and frustrated of this type of comments but Leo will not stop his irritating comments which if you think about it, it is very rude.
The Paper Boy is more like an mystery character in the story there are not much details to define this character but there are a few action that we can explore for his character. Trough his words and action I believe that The Paper Boy is an really empathetic and nice boy, one really part of the story, while The Old Man walks into the café he sees the boy and said “I love you” the other people on the counter laugh but the Paper Boy tried to laugh but the man was just sad, the man ask for a drink and the boy accepted (Page 1). The boy can have just rejected the drink or even ignore him but at last he decided to talk to him and hear his difficulty. As the story takes place at 1947 it is really rare to see this “ picture” because at that time people will always tend to judge people quickly and in this case the Old ...


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