International Conference On Acid Percipitation

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Bitumina worked very well with the other countries; we listened and negotiated but still held our ground. Through out the conference it sounded as if not too much change was occuring, however once ideas were thrown on the floor something started comming together. It was not until the last moment of the conference did we come to a conclusion that every one was content with. Our country obviously was the worst off in more ways than one so, at times when things started to look up our country put a downer on the idea in which we had to work around but handeled nicely. The Gargantuans wanted to initiate the "Ecological Education Exchange" program which ment exchanging people(students) to other countries to not only educate them in being ecologically safe but to also learn about specific other countries issues (specifically the affects of coal pollution and acid rain). The Vistanians agreed to fund construction of alternative energy sources in Bitumina in exchange for our cutting back on coal usage by 20% then went on to offer to fund the installation of scrubbers on Bituminan industry. There was a long debate between the countries as to what real nessity of the whole exchange program was and after much negotiation it was decided that it would most likely be worth it. The next part of the treaty required our comprimise but we didn't want to lessen our coal usage in fear of it indagering what poor little economy we had. We came to a conclusion which included us lessening our coal usage by 15%, but we needed the Gargantuains to provide us with extra energy that we would be loosing by using their coastline wind power, and lastly we requested that our coal cut-backs came out of the energy production exclusively. For the last part of the treaty we included the Vistanian-funded scrubbers Bituminan industry. I feel that although I represented my country well I think I could have been more hands on with the actual debating of the treaty. Hopefully the plan we created will work not to mention give student to travel abroad setting examples for economical exchanges in other countries as well.


From Protecting The Environment To Preserving Ecological Systems

4486 words - 18 pages noticed in the 60's of last century. There was the impact of acid rain on lakes and forests, and decided to do something about it.Scandinavian researchers have found that the main factors of acid precipitation are oxides of sulfur and nitrogen. According to researchers from Scandinavia for action that would have to reduce emissions of these gases into the atmosphere.The first international conference, which was devoted to the problem of acid rain in

Why did the USA develop the policy of containment?

514 words - 3 pages Before the end of the World War Two, the relationship between the US, Britain and USSR went on very well. However, the attitudes of USSR and US had a big U-turn from the Potsdam conference since US saw the communists as a big threat to them. Eventually by early 1946, The Long Telegram laid the basis for the policy of containment against communism.One specific reason why there was such a big change from the Potsdam conference is that the leaders

World Conference On Disaster Reduction

951 words - 4 pages The United Nations General Assembly convened a World Conference on Disaster Reduction, to be held in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, from 18 to 22 January 2005. The Conference was to take stock of progress in disaster risk reduction accomplished since the Yokohama Conference of 1994 and to make plans for the next ten years.In order to prevent possible catastrophes or at least to minimize consequential losses, the conference adopted a plan of action that

Fear And Loathing Essay

474 words - 2 pages ' Conference in part two. The Duke and his attorney experiment with mutable drugs on an adventure through time and space living the american dream. While the movie stays fairly consistent to the book through the first part, the second half lost sight due to the book's confusion.Experienced director Gilliam has does an excellent job with flashbacks and wholesome confusion in movies like 12 Monkeys and Time bandits and fear and loathing is no different. The only thing better than the acting of Johnny Depp is the directing of Gilliam. The storyline seems to job all over the place on this almost believable adventure. He makes you think. And entices you change in your life.

Chemical Equilibrium Essay

2618 words - 11 pages of NaOH ties up the H+ ions thereby lowering the concentration of H+. From Le Chatelier's principle, we know the reaction will try to restore some of the H+ we have removed. Therefore, the equilibrium of reaction shift to the left, or reactant side and resulting the more formation of the yellow CrO42-. International University, Vietnam National University - HCMC GENERAL CHEMISTRY LABORATORY 3 3 2. EQUILIBRIA OF ACID/BASE INDICATORS Equilibrium

Related Issue about Social Studies Topics - St. Williams - Research Paper

1043 words - 5 pages Free when they are free to choose. d. What is a market economy? i. A market in which individuals are free to choose and make their own decisions without government intervention. 3. The organizations leading economic globalization a. Bretton Woods i. United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference b. World Bank i. Mapped out at the Bretton Woods Conference ii. Supported by the United Nations iii. Work to help expand international trade iv. Lends money to

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1488 words - 6 pages , there is a great demand for creating industrial strains of Streptomyces roseosporus that would be able to produce high amounts of this antibiotic. This study will shed light on the biosynthetic pathway that leads to the formation of Daptomycin by Streptomyces roseosporus and the would also focus on the various ways that can be used to bring about strain improvement in the organism so as to ensure higher production of Daptomycin. Discussion In

Asses the successes and failures of the League of Nations commissions in the 1920's and 1930's - anonymous - essay

1860 words - 8 pages on June 27th, 1921.  In less than two years Nansen managed to repatriate almost 427,000 prisoners of war in to as many as 26 countries. Initially the High Commission gave material help as well as political and legal protection to the refugees. In 1924, ILO (International Labour Organization) took the responsibility and carried it on five years. After five years the High Commission resumed its role once again. The umbrella of the Refugee

World War II

545 words - 3 pages spent the maximum of their budget on rearmament. This practice eventually led to World War II.The League of Nations had been formed to promote national security and international peace. However, owing to its weakness, the League failed to achieve its objectives. Britain used the League as an alternative to Bolshevism. France used it as an instrument for perpetuating the peace settlement. Germany condemned it as "a grouping of the victor imperialist powers." Russia regarded it as 'a forum of the imperialists.' When the League failed, the only alternative left was that the parties could settle their disputes by resorting to war.

International Student Transitions - Trends and issues - Case Study

3916 words - 16 pages students of Canadian higher education. Paper presented at the 2007 International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching Conference, St. Catharines, Canada. Weston, M.A. (2006). Internationalization in college sports: issues in recruiting, amateurism, and scope. 42 Willamette Law Review, 829-860.

Has the IMF needed United States (US) hegemony in order to be an effective institution? - MCR Business School - Essay

2223 words - 9 pages effective international governance structure’ (Giplin 2001:97), however, what makes an international institution effective? This is something I will discuss further in my assignment. Neorealism is “based on a view of the individual as primarily selfish and power seeking” (Mingst, 2003:67). The essay will argue this view whilst discussing important factors relating to the International political economy including: power, institutions and US hegemony

The Causes And Consequences Of Rain Drain In Third World Countries

1385 words - 6 pages Ethiopian physicians are working in Chicago, USA alone. Here, one can imagine how much it means in the whole of the United States. According to research reports presented on an international conference concerning the issue of Brain Drain, Africa generally loose over 20,000 intellectuals yearly. This is undoubtfully one of the main constraints of under development in the continent.A report, broadcasted by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC

Article Review: Fuel Oil Demand In China

860 words - 4 pages With significant increases in oil demand and imports triggered by vigorous economic growth, China has grown to become an important player affecting the international oil market. This rapid economic growth together by facing serious power supply shortages, China is estimated to lead the market from a15 to 18 percent increase of fuel oils this year. This study analyzes recent trends in and conditions of the supply and demand situation and the

Global WArming

3442 words - 14 pages in our atmosphere by half.The other greenhouse gases also need to be reduced in the atmosphere. First there is methane. Even though methane is a gas that needs to be reduce, we can't really limit the amount that is released. Can't stop livestock from belching, or ride of waste, or drain rice paddies. We have to have our "beef", garbage is just something that comes from everything, and many people depend on rice paddie farms. Nitrous acid can be

Personal Essay on Bipolar Disease - Science impact on life - Essay

444 words - 2 pages by Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy and can be surgically removed. Chemotherapy for cancer developed in the 1940’s. It was when the first Nitrogen Mustards and Folic acid antagonist drugs were used. Chemotherapy attempts to narrow the universe of Chemicals that affect the disease. To start with, there are many drugs included in Chemotherapy. The drugs get grouped into 4 Groups or more. There’s Alkylating Agents, Microtuble Inhibitors, Cytotoxic