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Jack and the Beanstalk Summary
There was once a boy named Jack who agreed to sell their cow for some food and accepted a trade offer from a man in return for some magic beans. From the reaction of his angry mother who knocked the beans on the ground, the beans grew into a humongous beanstalk and Jack climbed the huge plant. He was informed by an old lady that the death of his father was all because of a giant who took all of his father’s money and precious things. Fearless, he headed toward a dark castle far away not to expect the wife of the giant, who nice enough, let Jack into the castle to get a drink of water and hid him when the giant came home. After the giant had finished his meal and fell asleep, Jack secretly creeped out and stole the magic hen who laid golden eggs. For the next couple days, Jack used the same strategy to persuade the giant’s wife to let him in the castle, wait until the giant goes fast asleep, and steal his bags of precious coins and a fine golden harp. Hearing the giant quickly approaching, Jack cuts the beanstalk resulting in the death of the giant and ending the story with Jack, his mother and the giant’s wife living happily ever.
Jack and the Beanstalk
Giant’s Perspective
You may have heard of me from the famous fable, “Jack and the Beanstalk” The story where a little boy named Jack climbed up the magic beanstalk and stole the mean giant’s treasures. Well, if you have a sense of this story, you might want to hear about something that is unknown to everyone. This children’s version of the story is all not true. From that version, the giant is the mean and evil monster and Jack defeats and steals back all of his father's treasures. I know this story, written by those pesky humans is not how it all went, as I am that very same giant.
Known to all my giant friends, my name is actually John. Of course, every human would be scared of us giants because of our humongous size compared to you all. But we are just a little bit bigger than all of you humans. In fact, we might be one of the nicest creatures on this planet we all share called Earth. But of course, you people think of us as massive human eating monsters that want to take over the world.
One day, I saw a man severely injured while he was hunting for some food for his family. I wanted to go help him out, so I got out of our castle and stepped down from our land to try to save this man. I secretly took the man hoping that nobody would notice, taking him back up into my castle and giving him some treatment for the wounds he had. Unfortunately, his wounds were too severe, and he died right in my arms. I remember him saying as his final words, “Thank you, Mr.Giant, for everything you have tried to do to save my life.” Beside him was a huge bag containing lots of gold and silver, a hen that could lay golden eggs on command, and a magic harp. The man gasped and said, “You have used up everything to try to save my life, in return, you may take all that I have with me...


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