Homeostasis And How It Effects The Body Health Science 1 Concord High School Assignment

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Joslyn Harris
Mr. Beauman
Health Science 1
12, September, 2018
Intro To Anatomy
1. Summarize homeostasis
Homeostasis is a necessary body function to keep you alive. You may not realize this but
your body is always working to achieve this state. Homeostasis is when your body maintains a
stable steady condition necessary for your survival. People think of homeostasis the first thought
is just your body keeping a safe temperature. This is a part of homeostasis it's not the only
function. It's also doing things like regulating glucose, keeps track of the toxins entering your
body, your blood pressure levels, and your PH.
Your body is always changing and with those changes your body keeps up with
homeostasis with feedback loops. Homeostasis consists of positive and negative feedback loops.
The negative feedback loops goal is to give your body increase of whatever it needs to get back
to set point and the positive feedback loop does the exact opposite but work to achieve the same
One example of homeostasis is your body temperature. The set point a healthy person's
body should be at is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If your body gets too hot using a negative feedback
loop it will attempt to cool your body down by doing the opposite of heat until they counteract
enough to get back to your set point and the same goes for the positive feedback loop just the
opposite. Another important part of the bodies continued survival is the amount of fluids in the
body. When your body has either too much or too little of the necessary fluids' homeostasis will
kick in and help either supply your body with more fluids or help get rid of them.
2. Summarize the levels of organization found in life starting with the atom and
moving to the organism.
There are 8 levels of organization found in life but it all starts with the atom. The
atom is an essential unit of matter. The atom is made up of positively charged nucleus made up
of protons and neutrons with a surrounding of negatively charged electrons. This is also the basis
of all human life. Next is the molecule. The molecule is the bonding of two or more atoms to
create a chemical bond thus becoming a molecule. The molecule is also the most stable
components of matter. Then we have the organelle. The organelle is the subunit of a cell and is
made up of many biomolecules. They take part in many chemical reactions and other interactions
within the organism. Now we have the cell, the building block of life. Cell: It is considered the
basic unit and building block of life. It is surrounded by the cell membrane, and have a nucleus,
similar to the human brain. Cytoplasm surrounds the nucleus, which contains cell organelles like
mitochondria, ribosomes, vacuole, endoplasmic reticulum, chloroplasts, peroxisomes, and
ventricles. The normal amount of cells found in a human body is 100 trillion. Cells typically
convert nutrients...

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