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Lab Set Up Essay

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MATERIALS:MicroscopeOnionIodine Stain3 ToothpicksCheekMethylene Blue StainTomatoWaterPotatoCover SlipSlidePURPOSE:The purpose of this lab is to explore different cells under a microscope. To experience what different cells look like and to locate/describe the cells inside the tomato, potato, cheek, and onion.PROCEDURE:Onion Epidermis CellObtain a very thin piece of skin from the inside layer of an onionMount it on a ...view middle of the document...

Potato CellsScrape a few cells from a potato with a toothpick and place on a slide using a cover slipObserve under low powerAdd a drop of iodine stain to the side of the cover slipObserve under high powerNote the structures that turn blue-blackDraw the cells under high power; label the cell wall, cytoplasm, and starch granulesDATA: CONCLUSION:5

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