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MATERIALS:MicroscopeOnionIodine Stain3 ToothpicksCheekMethylene Blue StainTomatoWaterPotatoCover SlipSlidePURPOSE:The purpose of this lab is to explore different cells under a microscope. To experience what different cells look like and to locate/describe the cells inside the tomato, potato, cheek, and onion.PROCEDURE:Onion Epidermis CellObtain a very thin piece of skin from the inside layer of an onionMount it on a slide, using a small drop of iodine stain, and a cover slip.Observe under low and high powerTake note of the shape of the cells, appearance of the nucleus, location of the nucleus, and location/shape of any vacuoles that may be presentDraw the cells under high power: label the cell wall, nucleus, cytoplasm, and any vacuolesHuman Epithelial CellsGently scrape the inside of your cheek with a toothpickSmear the material on the slide add a drop of methylene blue stain, and a cover slipObserve under low and high powerNote the shape, size, and nucleolusDraw the cells under high power label the plasma membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, and nucleolusTomato Pulp CellsUsing a toothpick, smear a small amount of pulp on a slide add a drop of water and cover slipObserve under low and high powerTake note of the size, shape, and color of the cellsDraw the cells under high power; label cell wall, cytoplasm, nucleus, and chloroplasts.Potato CellsScrape a few cells from a potato with a toothpick and place on a slide using a cover slipObserve under low powerAdd a drop of iodine stain to the side of the cover slipObserve under high powerNote the structures that turn blue-blackDraw the cells under high power; label the cell wall, cytoplasm, and starch granulesDATA: CONCLUSION:5


Lab Report: Local Gravitational Acceleration Lab - Physics - Assignment

575 words - 3 pages Telephone Cord ME-9889 1 Timer Switch ME-9889 1 Small Steel Ball (5/8”) ME-9889 1 Meter Stick S32051 1 Large Metal Rod Base ME- 8735 1 Metal Rod (36 in) 14-666-10DQ 1 Metal Rod (24 in) 14-666-10CQ 1 Right Angle Clamp SE-9444 Formulas y(t) - y0 = () gt2 + v0t gavg = gstdev = Procedure To begin the lab, we gather our materials and start setting up our station. After assembling the PASCO Discover Free Fall System, we hook it up to the GLX Xplorer

Thermochemistry - General Chemistry UNH - General Chemistry UNH - Assigment

3683 words - 15 pages bar. Open the group page for your lab section. Click on the “Pages” link in the navigation menu on this page. Open the Thermochemistry Class Data page to access the link to a Google Document on which you will enter your name(s) and the data and observations for the masses of the salt you are responsible for. 10. When all of the class data has been collected, graph T on the y-axis vs. mass on the x-axis for all three salts (you will end up having

Development of a Reaction Matrix Essay

1242 words - 5 pages comparison. Pre-Lab 1) What are the 4 observable signs of a chemical reaction? 2) Why is it not possible to see some of the chemicals dissolved in water when they are visible as solids? (for example salt is visible as a white solid but invisible when added to water) 3) If a solid forms as a result of mixing two solutions, what does it tell you about the attraction of the chemicals that formed the solid to each other compared to their attraction

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869 words - 4 pages EVR1001L-0001 Fall 2017 Lab 8: Green Building Lab Report Gianna Stern April 29, 2018 Methods (15 points): To start this lab, the experimenter traveled to a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood full of houses. The purpose of this lab is to enter a vacant house, explore the insides, scan the living areas for opportunities to improve environmental friendliness, in other words, make it more “green.” Firstly, the experimenter had to find a vacant house and

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4760 words - 20 pages Overview This project demonstrates an overview of my career path that I intended to follow in the future. I will be representing the information that I discovered throughout the project to give you a better understanding of the occupation. Specifically, I will show you the requirements, abilities, and education needed, pay scale, some of the current hot topics, and much more. During the process of doing this project, I was able to set up several

Lab twenty seven and twenty eight - goose college - electrical

1397 words - 6 pages Free each value of RR shown in Table 1. Use a resistor decade box to set up the required value of RR. 9. Open S1 and S2. 10. Modify the circuit to conform to that in Figure 2 (27-10). The power supplies remain connected as shown previously in Figure 1. Set each at 9 V. The generator output is at 1000 Hz. 11. Close S1 and S2. For each value of RF and RR shown, complete and record the data required in Table 2, following the same procedure as in Table 1. 12

Biology IA Idea, Toothpaste Experiment - Grade 12 - Internal Assessment

559 words - 3 pages toothpaste solution there is a zone of inhibition. Measure this zone with the help of a ruler. Risk Assessment Safety issues: Ethical issues: Environmental issues: Set-up Raw Data Qualitative Observation Processed Data Conclusion Evaluation Bibliography

Project Fina; Report for Senior Project - Mt Sierra and BUS480 - Project

1480 words - 6 pages windows updates for Windows 2012 standard R2 ˗ Gave server a static IP ˗ Added all roles to server • Active Directory • DHCP • DNS • File storage and services • Hyper V • Print services ˗ Accessed Server Manager ˗ Initiated add Role and Features wizard: • Selected local server • Checked ‘Active Directory Domain Services’ • Checked ‘Restart the destination server automatically if required’ check box • Closed Wizard once complete. ˗ Set up

Comparison of Strength and Power - Exercise Physiology - Lab Report

1425 words - 6 pages , 2015). As a basic measure of muscular power, the Vertical Jump test was used to record each subjects’ jump score (metres). The individual stands with their preferred side next to the test pole, reaching up to obtain their lowest marker score. Once the measurements are set, the subject jumps from a crouched position with maximum effort to tap the highest marker possible. The best score from three trials is then noted. The Timed Sprint test was

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1126 words - 5 pages Biology assessment task 1 Catalase Enzyme Reaction Ariba Afsheen Background information All organisms rely on enzymes to catalyze chemical reactions. An enzyme is a biological catalyst that increases the rate of chemical reaction by lowering the level of activation energy necessary to start the reaction. Without enzymes, many of the chemical reactions that occur within living things would proceed to slowly to be useful. Enzymes speed up these

Exploring environmentally effective and efficient biofuels - Research Paper

2088 words - 9 pages Chem 112 Section #13 Abstract: The main goal of our experiment was to measure the released energy from 6 different biofuels and their individual properties, such as their viscosity, ecotoxicity, and energy density about its mass. To determine if these biodiesels were efficient sources of alternative fuels, we looked at their effects on the environment and their efficiency in vehicles. The lab was split into three parts to test the

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1460 words - 6 pages experiment, you are then going to state a conclusion. To do this, you must first analyze the results you got from the experiment. You would want to definitely check to make sure everything makes sense and you see no errors. If everything looks good, then you are set. Sum up what you have learned and make a statement of your findings. Be sure to support these findings thoroughly with your data. You will be reporting your results in a variety of ways in

Colloidal synthesis of gold nanoparticles - city university of hong kong - coursework

1665 words - 7 pages City University of Hong Kong Department of Applied Physics and Material Science AP 4178 Nanostructure and Nanotechnology Lab Report of Lab 1. Colloidal synthesis of gold nanoparticles Date of Exp.: 14/10/2015 Liu Tsz Kwan Objective When we complete this laboratory, we are able to: 1. Applicate the concept of light scattering on particles in colloid suspension. 2. Differentiate the difference between reflection and absorption of UV. 3. Applicate

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3591 words - 15 pages experiments is not real blood, but a synthetic mixture. Nonetheless, proper personal protection equipment must be worn. The blood should be thought of as real and as such may contain blood borne pathogens. Six stations labeled A,B,C, and D are set up in various portions of the classroom. Each station emphasizes a particular learning objective regarding blood spatter pattern analysis. ________________________________ 1. Kirk, P. (1966). Chapter

Comparative Essay of Brave New World and Gattaca - High School English - Essay

2735 words - 11 pages identity is portrayed in a similar way in the Sci-Fi movie, Gattaca. For example, creating embryos in labs. Although they are different, as the characters are set in different situations and settings. When two parents feel they are ready to have/make a child, they go to a lab. Inside the lab, the parents are given the privilege of creating the genetic makeup of their chromosomes. Described as genetic manipulation, the parents can make their child