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Research, Statistics, And Psychology Essay

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Epistemology (better known as the theory/science of knowledge) is on of the branches of philosophy. It is the study of trying to distinguish something that is true (something that is adequate enough) and something that isn't adequate. This theory/science provides an understanding of the concept of knowledge of which can be understood in terms of belief, truth, and justification. Epistemology gives a clear view on the nature, scope, and quality of human knowledge. Also, epistemology is considered to be the most important thing of what makes a human being what he is- making all other branches of philosophy depend on epistemology. This goes to the fact that the whole nature of philosophy ...view middle of the document...

Scientific law is a statement of fact that tries to explain why everything is the way it is. It must be use universally, true, and accurate. It is usually put into mathematical equation. A theory is more like a scientific law then a hypothesis because a theory is the explanation of all the observations made on a certain observation made. The Theory of Evolution is a theory of Darwin's, where all things came from a common ancestry (that we and everything else derived from the very same thing). It discusses the premise and natural selection, or better yet, known as the "Survival of the Fittest." Evolution is both fact and theory because theories are only ideas used to try to explain the reasons and facts. Facts, though never 100% accurate, can be based off of observations and discoveries that can either prove a theory right or wrong. Scientific Method and epistemology have connection because scientific method is to look at something make a theory, have a hypothesis, and then test it (meaning observing and experimenting). Epistemology helps us determine if the information we receive is accurate and adequate. Scriptural accounts, the Bible, the Koran, the Veda, and many others are all just accounts that people have written and passed down generation to generation. Scientists will use hypothesis to explain as to why certain things that occurred in these scripture and accounts happened. No one is 100% sure these events occurred, so they observe and experiment, and research these things. Geology is broken down into two parts: in Greek, Geo means, "earth" and logy means "knowledge"-making it the science of the earth. Geology takes a look at the earth's composition, structure, its physical properties, history, and its process. Now, to the hands-on part, which is actually doing the experiment. In this part, you want to do several things. You want to make sure to do proper planning, and get all the supplies you will need. It can never hurt to have lots of extra stuff on hand just in case you run into any problems, or have to do more than three trials. Then you want to figure out all of your constants and variables in the experiment. This is also sometimes called the experimental vs. control Group. Make sure not to test more than one or two variables at a time. Otherwise, you would not have clear data results. Another key thing to remember in your experiment is safety. The most important thing is that you never do an experiment by yourself! Always have a lab partner with you, so that if you were to have a problem, your partner would be there to assist you. For most all experiments you need to have protective eyewear. Also, remember insulated gloves if you are handling something hot and rubber gloves for strong chemicals. You also want to make sure to have the proper safety equipment in the lab you are testing in. You may need an emergency eye wash station, fire extinguishers, or anything else related to a specific thing you may be testing. When testing any...

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