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Running head: Health Disparity and Limited Access to Primary Health Care among Hispanic Immigrants
Health Disparity and Limited Access to Primary Health Care among Hispanic Immigrants
Population health is not solely determined by genetics. Health is heavily influenced by “social determinants of health” (Healthy People, 2020). These social determinants of health include education level, social status, financial situation, race and access to health care (Healthy people, 2020). The factors described above lead to inequalities or health disparities among different populations in the United States. This paper will focus on the health disparity that exists among Hispanic immigrants involving limited access to primary health care. For example Hispanics are twice more likely to develop diabetes, and 65% more likely to die from diabetic complications than non-Hispanic whites (Baig et al., 2014). This issue is relevant to Nurse Practitioners (NPs) because they comprise 65% of the primary care services (Sonenberg, and Knepper, 2016). Patients who receive routine primary care have better health outcomes and demonstrate reduction in overall healthcare cost (Community Catalyst, 2017). Empowering NPs to practice to the full scope of their education without physician oversight leads to improved patient outcomes and is cost effective (Sonenberg, and Knepper, 2017). NPs are particularly important in the Hispanic Community because they are more likely to work in “underserved areas” than physicians (Community Catalyst, 2017).
Hispanics are the largest and fastest growing immigrant group in the United States (Pérez-Escamilla, Garcia, and, Song, 2010). This group is the target of many social and political injustices that that lead to decreased access to primary health care (Pérez-Escamilla, Garcia, and, Song, 2010). We can see clear evidence of social and political discrimination by the current Trump administration (Personal experience). Mr. Trump started his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists and criminals” (personal experience). This health disparity of limited access to health care leads to poor health outcomes (Pérez-Escamilla, Garcia, and, Song, 2010). The disparity described above has major public health implications because Hispanics are projected that by the year 2050, 1 out of every 4 people in the United States will be of Hispanic decent (Pérez-Escamilla, Garcia, and, Song, 2010).
This paper will explore three health disparities that Hispanic immigrants encounter that hinder adequate access to primary health care. Subsequently, this paper will discuss possible solutions at the macro-level that could help alleviate this inequality.
Health Disparities that Contribute to Decrease Access to Primary Care among the Hispanic Immigrant Population
There are many complex barriers that contribute to decrease access to primary care among Hispanic immigrants in the United States. Three of the notable barriers are immigration status, lack of Engl...


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