Lgbt: An Evolving Health Disparity Nursing 704 Health Disparities Health Disparity

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LGBT: An Evolving Health Disparity
Staci Grothues
University of Massachusetts Amherst
LGBT: An Evolving Health Disparity
There are many barriers to achieving health equality among varying populations. Factors such as socioeconomics can lead to avoidable differences in the health status and health treatment of certain groups and subgroups. These health disparities cause afflictions that lead to unnecessary declines in overall well-being (Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2019). Those who consider themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) have long been persecuted and are exposed to extreme injustices. A discriminatory culture has led to unequal treatment of this population resulting in serious health consequences. Although the general view and rights of the LGBT community have evolved greatly over the last several decades, there is still more to be done. Policy change is necessary to decrease the overall disparity and the healthcare community needs to lead the charge for righting the wrongs of the past by providing culturally competent and equal care to this suffering population.
It should be noted that as more is understood about gender identity and sexual orientation, which are not mutually exclusive, more terminology emerges for multiple subgroups. Although LGBT is not all inclusive of those who experience health disparities as part of a stigmatized group related to sexism, it has been the longest standing identifier and as such provides the most researched literature to maintain validity in this paper.
The Disparity and its Determinants
There are many factors that can play a role in health disparities. For the LGBT community, socioeconomic determinants seem to play a vital role. Social discrimination and phobias are not new for this population and have led to a global stigma. This group is often faced with violence and victimization leading to undue physical harm and psychological stress. They have even been denied civil and even basic human rights throughout the years (“HIM’s Role in Eliminating LGBT Health Disparities,” 2017).
The Minority Stress Model
The minority stress model shows how experienced stigmas, negative prejudices, and other social disparities lead to a significant stress response that can increase the likelihood of developing physiological conditions manifested from psychological stress. Societal contexts of being LGBT contribute to a variety of external and internal stressors such as experienced discrimination, internalized homonegativity and stigma consciousness. General and environmental circumstances contribute to these stressors as well, along with others which can be experienced by anyone such as ending relationships, unemployment, or poor health. The cumulative effect of these stressors can lead to declines in mental and sexual health and drug use (Dentato, 2012).
Disparity Within...

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