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Part 2 - Developing an Advocacy Campaign
Explain whether your proposed policy could be enacted through a modification of existing law or regulation or the creation of new legislation/regulation
Patient advocacy is a vital piece of the nursing profession. Patient advocacy has influenced the advancement and development of healthcare. In the last application submitted on “Developing an Advocacy Campaign,” I proposed developing a policy on Asthma Management Disparities amongst African American Youths and Caucasian youths. In the face of the needs and risks of asthma, health care expenditures are at the minimal for African American and Hispanic children as compared to white children who double in funds and costs. Asthma results in the highest emergency room expenditure for African American and Hispanic children. Presently, there are no interventions to prevent the onset of asthma, but, policies are being drafted to curb the mismanaged occurrences among minority and underprivileged groups. Linking the disparity gap between all social classes will require sustained efforts and innovative ideas stemming from all levels to combat, tailor and deliver effective asthma treatment to the underprivileged.
In a bid to curb asthma disparities, the federal government has coordinated a national action plan to diminish racial and ethnic asthma care disproportions called “The Action Plan.” Organizing an effective national effort will aid in addressing preventable factors in the underprivileged populations. In a bid to modify on the strengths of past policies on federal asthma programs, the new action plan is to propose a framework that maximizes use of existing federal resources to target asthma disparities. These issues are tackled by emphasizing actions that address avertible factors that impact asthma disparities; optimizing their impacts through synergies; partnerships across government and community associates.
Explain how existing laws or regulations could affect your advocacy efforts. Be sure to cite and reference the laws and regulations using primary sources.
“The Action Plan” matches various federal initiatives such as healthy people 2020, HHS action plan to reduce racial and ethnic disparities, the surgeon general’s call to action to promote healthy homes, the national stakeholder strategy for achieving health equity, etc. The Action Plan emphasizes a high action plan to address preventable issues that lead to asthma disparities. This plan intends to build local capacity, accelerate prevention efforts, reduce barriers to asthma care and identify most impactful target services. This plan emphasizes building on existing federal partnerships and programs.
Due to the messy nature of politics nurses tend to avoid getting involved. The statehouses are hotbeds for serious nursing concerns such as reimbursement, grants, workplace safety and staffing requirements. Most nursing legislatures are engineered and driven at the state level. When the states h...


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