Macbeth- Banquos Character Development - Year 8 - Assignment

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1.Today I have chosen to talk about the Character
Banquo from Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.
Banquo is significant to the plot Appearing as
both a human and ghost. He is First introduced in
Act 1 Scene 3 alongside Macbeth, commencing the
first encounter Between the witches and Macbeth.
2.The imagery in, ‘Upon Her skinny lips; you
should be women and yet your beards Forbid
me to interpret that you are so,” portrays the
Weird women in an unpleasing manor from
Banquo’s point Of view. This creates negative
Connotations towards the Witches and displays
Banquo distrust whereas Macbeth Is naively intrigued.
3.Highlighting one of the many contrasts Seen in the play
between Macbeth and Banquo as the play Progresses.
We also see Banquo’s caring attributes in the
Same act and scene. He demonstrates his loyalty to Macbeth
By showing his lack of distrust to the witches.
4.The metaphor,
“Oftentimes to win us to out harm/The instruments of
Darkness tell us half truths;/Win us with honest trifles, to
Betrays/ in deepest consequence.” Presents both Banquo’s
Wisdom and care for his very close friend. Banquo is quick
To distinguish evil where Macbeth fails to.
5.Banquo’s most significant relationship in this play is Macbeth,
His very close friend. At the beginning their friendship is loyal
And honourable. The metaphor,” If you can look into the seeds
Of time and say which grain will grow and which will not, speak
Then to me, who neither beg nor fear your favours nor your hate.”
Emphasises Banquo’s care for Macbeth and in his return receives
The Dark side of Macbeth’s ambition and selfishness.
6.Banquo’s quality of loyalty stands throughout the play and as
the play and Macbeth’s instability progress, the downfall of their
friendship begins. He remains loyal to Macbeth even though he
becomes suspicious of The murders. The witches had also
Prophesised that a descendant Of Banquo will become King.
7.Later in the play Macbeth’s belief in the
Witches tests their Friendship as Macbeth becomes paranoid about
Banquo’s Son Fleance taking his thrown and decides he must kill them
both.When Banquo is murdered, the contrasts between Macbeth and
Banquo Are clearly seen. Banquo hesitated to act on the witches
prophecies where as Macbeth acted. Banquo chose to remain loyal,
Macbeth committed regicide. Banquo Detected evil where Macbeth
could not.
8.Act 1 Scene 3 is where Banquo is first introduced to the
play and it is one of his most significant events. In this scene
Macbeth and Banquo encounter the witches on the moor as they
return from battle. Banquo is the first to spot the weird sisters.
After their encounter the stage directions explain that the ‘witches vanish’
9.Leaving both Macbeth and Banquo confused. The
metaphor in, ‘the earth hath bubbles, as the water has, and these
Are of them. Wither are t...

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