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My Dogs Essay

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My DogsFor decades, dogs have been recognized as man’s best friend. They are amazing pets that bring joy and love to any family. Even if you are a strict cat lover, it is hard not to be moved by the incredible loyalty unique to dogs. They are grateful for every moment they spend with their owners. They are amazing companions with an endless amount of love to give. Dogs do not judge you; they offer their love unconditionally. Whether you’re poor or rich, their tail still wags when you walk through the door.
Throughout my life, my family has always owned a dog. When I was born, my parents owned a cocker spaniel named Jeopardy. She was my very first pet and also the very first dog I had ever ...view middle of the document...

When he was a few months old, he ate a sewing needle which punctured his stomach. The veterinarian informed us that Cooper would die without this costly surgery, which my sister insisted having for him. My dad paid for the expensive surgery, and now refers to Cooper as the “million dollar” dog. He is a very one-of-a-kind dog that taught himself how to roll down windows in the car and literally cries when he is sad.
When I left home for college, I really hated not having a dog. After my freshman year, I moved out of the dorms and into a house where I was able to finally get a dog. I ended up purchasing the most adorable Yorkiepoo puppy named Andy. I knew that I wanted him from the moment I saw him. Puppies demand a big time commitment and require a lot of patience. I realized it would be a challenge to train a puppy on my own, but I knew it would be worth it.
Potty training Andy was the biggest priority and is what I found to be the most challenging. My landlord was not very happy about me having a puppy because he didn’t want the carpet to be damaged with pee stains. I assured him that Andy would be potty trained in no time, but it turned out not to be that easy. He had the attitude that if he had to go, then he would go no matter if it was on my bed, the couch, or the floor. Finally, I bought Andy a crate because I knew he would not eliminate in the same place he sleeps. I was very consistent in disciplining him if I caught him going to the bathroom inside the house and praising him when he would go outside. After about two months, Andy had finally perfected the act of only going to the bathroom outside.
Another problem I had with training Andy was his uncontrollable barking. Excessive barking becomes a problem for everyone, including neighbors. Andy would bark for hours a day, which was incredibly annoying. I tried many different methods to teach him not to bark. I used the discipline-then-praise method, which did not work. I then bought a water bottle so that I...

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