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Organizing is a major function in any management setting. The function of organizing in management defines each category or position or in each department. To establishing internal organizational structure of a company, organization has to be established as soon as possible.The significance of management organizing is a very valuable tool for the success of many companies. Businesses place a huge importance on quality and performance improvement efforts. A major function of organizing is establishing structure and implementing a set of tasks as well as the functions needed to accomplish the tasks. The organizational structure helps to ensure that employees know what is expected of them, w ...view middle of the document...

Monetary management is very important to the company because it brings in large amounts of money and every bit of that money has to be accounted for in order for everybody on contracts to get what each associate's percentage is. To keep the money well-organized and balanced, management logs how much money is made on a daily basis and breaks it down into how each transaction was paid for. All checks and credit cards are automatically deposited into the company's account. Then they go and subtract all from the day's total. At all times managers should make sure the company has 1 thousand dollars in cash secured, the rest of the money is deposited. Every day the account is reviewed by managers to make sure it's balanced.Another key factor for a company is the human resources department. All associates have to follow certain organizational structure, which helps in our decision-making. Going by the organization structures, the company is able to be divided, grouped, and coordinated by tasks that have different departments. The company can't be run by only computers; it needs employees to operate it. In order to control a functional company, management must be very organized and aware when it involves human resources. "New managers and supervisors - especially supervisors - are almost overwhelmed with the demands of the job. They were probably promoted to be in charge of people, mostly because of their success in a previous role that was focused on developing a particular product or service." (Basics of Time and Stress Management, 2007) Managers have to pay attention to people on commission or the full time employees who are on payroll hours, such as making sure all associates are getting the right amount of hours and percentages. If one of the managers gives an employee more than the assigned commission, or pays to many hours to an employee who is under the age, then they are responsible for the penalties. Managers have to be 100% in control and pay more attention as a result no mistakes will be made or found. Managers also have to make sure they don't go over the allotted hours because it results in the company losing money.The technology used is how the company is operated, for example: computers, fax machines, emails, and video conference. The computers keep records of all clients and associate percentage rates and hours labored. Computers notify management about the upcoming events and meeting, which they can prepare for, how many associates are going to attend and if they have guests. Computers also help to communicate with client by sending emails, or the associates can relay company website information to help clients register online and complete transaction. Fax machines are used several times a day to either send clie...


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736 words - 3 pages Role of Organizing in the Critical Thinking ProcessAbstractOrganizing our thoughts in a logical way can help us think critically, find solutions to problems, and make correct conclusion. Understanding the origins of order, the four natural orders, mental orders, the proper steps in organizing and the methods in which we use these orders make critical thinking and problem solving an easier and more obtainable task.Role or Organizing in Critical

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1264 words - 6 pages IntroductionOrganizing is part of the four functions of the management. It includes the financial, human, informational, physical, and other resources. In each company, it will have a goal to achieve, in order for us to achieve our goal in our company, organizing is necessary. "Organizing activities include attracting people to the organization, specifying job responsibilities, grouping jobs into work units, marshaling and allocating resources

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989 words - 4 pages Organization 2An Assessment of the Organizing FunctionOf ManagementThe article titled, "How Advisers Can Help You Grow," expresses how small business owners are taking the opportunity to have an organizing board of directors do management planning for small businesses in a variety of areas. There are many organizing process that businesses may utilize and one of them is the use of organized advisory boards or consultants to help plan out the

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294 words - 2 pages with different backgrounds have a better understanding of the materials and an easier time organizing their thoughts. By having the students write about the reading materials they can relate to will help them sink deeper into their thoughts and really know what is being told to them. From there the students will learn to analyze and organize all the information given to them and their opinions on the topics and will have a less tougher time

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474 words - 2 pages Journal #1 “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” – Benjamin Franklin I believe that Benjamin Franklin was trying to say that the more time we spend organizing things, the more productive we can be. Things go smoother when you have a well thought out plan. This happens to me all the time. I’ll start writing a paper with no clue where I’m going, and 4 hours later I can only have a page of writing done. However, when I plan out my

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1338 words - 6 pages Week One Individual Paper PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Running Head: Week One Individual PaperThe Four Functions Of ManagementSanjeet Kaur SinghManagement 330University of PhoenixAbstractThe four functions of management, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, are very essential in building strong organizations and even stronger more effective teams. Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are the functions of management. These

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926 words - 4 pages Free This essay discusses organizational behavior control mechanisms of several organizations.Control MechanismsControl mechanisms are important to every organization. Without them, it would be difficult to determine whether or not the planning, organizing and leading functions of management are effective and productive for the company. Although some mechanisms are used widely throughout many organizations and companies, some mechanisms are tailored

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738 words - 3 pages George Washington George Washington is unanimously referred to as the "father of America". The first president of the United States of America, Washington set the manner for what was to become the most powerful seat of government in the country. The purpose of this paper is to provide biographical information on Washington. George Washington's life is somewhat of a tall-tale of American History that actually occurred in the eighteenth century

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1533 words - 7 pages AbstractThis paper describes the difference between leadership and management, followed by an examination of the role responsibility of leaders in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture. It explains that a leader is someone who can offer a compelling invitation for others to take action, while managers manage and accomplish work through others. Today's leader needs a multitude of characteristics but most important is the

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2725 words - 11 pages Free Title Labor Relations Paper Human Resources Management MGT/431 January 9, 2009 Labor Relations Paper Unions may reduce a business's flexibility and economic performance, which are a proposition collected from the agreement of other previous propositions, from the suffering of other individuals who were endured in the past. It took time before unions were develop and as people started working

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2972 words - 12 pages , it was important to take a quantitative and a qualitative approach towards the research made. In addition, it was determined that to make their papers more inclusive, the authors used a simple, and clear language in order to present their findings. It was also determined that the author’s emphasis of a section of their paper indicates the importance of that section to the idea that the author tries to present. However, the study of these four