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Good afternoon everyone, my name is Elise. Today I’m going to talk about homesick problem of international students when they study in Australia. I have divided presentation into five parts. Frist, I will talk about background in formation. Second, I will explain findings. Then, I will talk about Analysis, conclusion and the last one is questions and Discussion.
Let me start by introduction by explaining the background and purpose. As you know, every year, the millions of oversea student have separated from their family and friends. They have gone to Australia to study and get new experiences in their life. However, almost students easily get homesickness that they feel sad and lonely because they are away from home and their country. The purpose of this research is to examine the homesickness of international students.
About method, the data is collected from 12 students in class ETS 2K. This study use paper survey and interviewing. The have 12 questions that it was conducted survey within 2 weeks.
Well moving onto findings, firstly, now let’s look at the frequency of feeling home sick when students study in Australia.
Now let’s look at the pie charts, this graph shows the results of frequency feel homesickness and contact family of students in class. As you can see the first pie chart, the largest proportion of frequency is sometimes at 66% followed by often and not often at 17%. Almost people always keep in touch with their family.
Although everyday they call your family every day, still 50% students in class still get stress. There are several symptoms impact on their body. 1 person fell headache and 6 people sleep difficult. several students do not have any symptoms.
May I focus your on attention on the chart. All of students call your parent and your friends when they miss home. The number of students looking your family photos and eating home cooking is 3 and 2 people respectively. Just only 1 person listening to music when missing family. Half all of students at class use video chat to keep in touch. More than 20% they use social media and calling.
Ok, so what’s next analysis. As you can see students in this class fell homesick because they j...


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