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Health: Making Choices for Life
Psychological Health: Maintaining the Mind and Spirit
1) Psychological health encompasses which of the following dimensions of health?
A) Spiritual and emotional
B) Mental and emotional
C) Emotional and spiritual
D) None of the answers is correct.
Answer: B
2) The capacity to make informed, un-coerced decisions is called
A) autonomy.
B) assertiveness.
C) realism.
D) self-esteem.
Answer: A
3) A sense of positive self-regard, resulting in elevated levels of self-respect, self-worth, self-confidence, and self-satisfaction is called
A) realism.
B) assertiveness.
C) autonomy.
D) self-esteem.
Answer: D
4) Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid includes all of the following EXCEPT
A) physiological health.
B) safety and security.
C) self-esteem.
D) need for entertainment.
Answer: D
5) Juanita is trying to improve her self-esteem. All of the following suggestions will help her EXCEPT
A) relying on others to take care of her responsibilities.
B) learning something new.
C) practicing positive self-talk.
D) eating a healthy diet and exercising.
Answer: A
6) The psychological tendency to have a positive interpretation of life's events is called
A) intimacy.
B) optimism.
C) pessimism.
D) self-actualization.
Answer: B
7) Which of the following techniques can help increase emotional intelligence?
A) Recognizing and naming your emotions when you feel them
B) Thinking about other people's feelings and motivations in relation to specific situations or actions
C) Accepting your own emotions without allowing them to override your priorities
D) All of the answers are correct.
Answer: D
8) Autonomy is expressed as
A) mindfulness.
B) assertiveness.
C) level of need.
D) level of altruism.
Answer: A
9) Having an optimistic outlook has been associated with all of the following EXCEPT
A) carrying less anger.
B) a decreased likelihood of getting sick with serious or minor illness.
C) a higher likelihood of developing diabetes.
D) a better ability to cope with the ups and downs of illness.
Answer: C
10) People meditate for which one of the following reasons?
A) To develop creativity and self-awareness
B) To reach a higher level of consciousness
C) To be more relaxed
D) All of the answers are correct.
Answer: D
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11) The practice of helping and giving to others out of a genuine concern for their well-being is called
A) shyness.
B) altruism.
C) mindfulness.
D) spirituality.
Answer: B
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12) Which of the following is the most effective way to deal with feelings of anger?
A) Express feelings of anger in a way that releases emotions without damaging relationships.
B) Hold the feelings inside.
C) Express anger impulsively and aggressively.
D) Refrain from expressing negative emotions.
Answer: A
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13) Mental disorders can be caused by
A) past or current experiences.
B) extreme stress.
C) chemical imbalances.
D) All of the answ...

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