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Sarah Hughes 202 14.11.18 Task 1a
Health and Safety at Work Act
It is the EMPLOYERS responsibility to maintain the workplace and make sure I is safe to work in, they must give employees appropriate training and supervision. Access and exit points must be kept clear and free of hazards at all times. Employers must make sure the salons h/s systems are reviewed and updated regularly and that a suitable working environment and facilities are provided.
It’s the responsibility of the EMPLOYEE to work together with their employer and communicate about all h/s issues so the law can be upheld. Employees must also maintain h/s of themselves and others around them.
EMPLOYERS must supply any PPE equipment required for employees to carry out their job, free of charge. This PPE should always be accessible. Staff must be trained in the use of PPEs and risk assessments must be carried out.
EMPLOYEES are required to wear PPE whenever handling chemicals or substances including aprons, masks, gloves etc.
Under these regulations EMPLOYERS must maintain equipment and the workplace, regulate temperatures, make working conditions suit the staff employed, provide sufficient lighting and ventilation, clear all walkways of hazards, provide washing facilities and sanitary conveniences, provide drinking water and facilities for staff to rest, eat meals, and change clothing.
They must also provide secure areas for employees to keep clothing and property.
EMPLOYEES must take responsibility for making sure all doors, fire exits and stairways are kept free of obstructions and hazards and they must familiarise themselves with the fire evacuation procedure. Employees have a duty to prevent infection, contamination and accidents by keeping the salon meticulously clean and tidy at all times. Spillages must be immediately cleaned up and any problems must be reported to the employer.
Sarah Hughes 202 14.11.18 Task 1a
EMPLOYERS have to carry out risk assessments on all employees, to ensure they are able to lift heavy boxes (and other objects) without causing injury.
EMPLOYEES are required to ask themselves ‘can I lift this?’. They must ask for help if needed and always use the appropriate lifting technique to prevent accident and injury.
EMPLOYERS must keep h/s information is readily available for all substances and chemicals present in the workplace, and to ensure those chemicals are correctly disposed of.
EMPLOYEES need to know where to find the COSHH information sheets, read and follow all manufacturers instructions and always follow SHUD.
EMPLOYERS must provide employees with training to use equipment as it is intended, and make sure the equipment is properly built and fit for purpose.
EMPLOYEES must make sure they know how to use equipment properly, and must only use said equipm...

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