Reflection Paper On AERO2383 Airport / Airline Operations

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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT Airport / Airline Operations

Table of Contents
4 i. Introduction to Airport / Airline Operations
4 ii. Operational Readiness 5 iii. Ground handling
5 iv. Baggage operations
5 v. Passenger terminal operations
5 vi. Cargo operations
5 vii. Airport Security and Airport Aircraft Emergency Service
5 viii. Air Traffic Management and Airport Technical Services
6 ix. Airport access 6 x. Airport environment control
6 xi. Airport Operational Performance and the Operations Manual


Reflection is a method of effective learning which assists learners in revising the entire course after undergoing a long period of assimilating new knowledge. As some empirical researchers stated, reflection is a vital process of the learning cycle in which learners could have the ability to implement their existing experience from previous events into observing and learning new things, and students can learn most effectively (B? res 2019). After elaborately observing and reflecting, developing the main concepts and ideas of what students have learned is the next phase of an effective method. In this phase, reinforcing concepts and ideas of the course is required, which is then followed by the implementation of the course's concepts into real context. Reflection ability grants learner plenty of opportunities to have an overview of past feelings, behaviors, and thoughts at that period; see the effect of reflection, and make an attempt to integrate the experiences in the past, present, and future for further learning. Furthermore, learners can utilize reflection to have a glance at the pattern of their feelings and thoughts, grabbing an opportunity to build a picture of who they really are and their beliefs, and perspectives in every context. The main purpose of this paper is to outline the reflection regarding airport/airline operations, then apply those experiences and perspectives to a similar situation when it comes to airport and airline operations.


Airport / Airline Operations includes a wide range of practical operation ? related issues, in which airports have to highly concern and grapple with on a daily basis in order to ensure the most effective and efficient operation. In Airport / Airline Operations, not only airside operations are covered which is considered as a prime factor of airlines, but landside operations belonging to airports which also are studied elaborately during the course. So as to illustrate a mass number of intricacies and involving factors of an airport in accordance with commercial and operational environments relating to the aviation industry, some of the main topics are deliberately determined and developed further in this course, which will accommodate learners to ap...

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