Airlines Boost Prices As Hurricane Rita Nears

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Residents seeking to flee Houston by air before Hurricane Rita roars into town are finding that only costly last-minute seats are still available.Continental Airlines on its Web site yesterday was offering coach seats one way from Houston to Dulles International Airport for as much as $1,937. Searches of the travel Web sites SideStep and Orbitz turned up one-way and round-trip flights between Houston and the Washington area on various carriers from $300 to $624.Airlines set aside only a certain number of cheap seats on each flight, and passengers rushing out of town have already gobbled them up. Many flights are sold out. Any last-minute tickets typically cost hundreds of dollars more than those bought a week or two in advance. One last-minute, round-trip fare on Continental, Houston's domin ...view middle of the document...

American Airlines, the world's largest carrier, said yesterday it was replacing four smaller, narrow-bodied planes with larger aircraft, two Boeing 777s and two Boeing 767s. The change will add 360 seats out of Houston's Intercontinental Airport. Travel experts say passengers should not expect those seats to be discounted as a goodwill gesture.* Special report: In Katrina's wake"Airlines are not a social service industry," said Terry Trippler, an analyst with "Everyone expects the airlines to take a financial hit then criticizes them when they don't make money."The airline industry is struggling through its worst financial crisis in history, with four major airlines -- United, US Airways, Delta and Northwest -- operating under bankruptcy court protection. Airline experts say it is unreasonable to expect the carriers to offer special fares as they battle to survive steep competition and soaring fuel prices.Last-minute fares between Houston's Intercontinental Airport and Washington's Reagan National Airport were about $5 more than they were a month ago, largely because of a fuel surcharge put in place following Hurricane Katrina.While airlines don't often lower their prices during catastrophes, most do allow passengers to change their existing tickets without paying a $50 to $100 change fee.Airlines and airports aren't the only industries bracing for the hurricane. Some of the nation's largest hotel chains say many rooms are booked for miles outside of the city. Many rooms were already occupied by New Orleans evacuees and relief workers.Hilton Hospitality Inc. is urging travelers to call its properties directly to check on available rooms. The hotel chain offered discounts for Katrina evacuees: rooms for about $19 a night, depending on the location. Hilton spokeswoman Katy Shephard said a decision has not been made about discounts for Rita evacuees.-2005 The Washington Post Company


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1061 words - 5 pages Free population of France. Of that 95%, 80% were poor peasants. As the people in the lower classes became fed up with rising food prices and higher taxes, the hurricane grew stronger. Hurricanes have power depending on their size, the French Revolution held its power in the numbers of the Third Estate. Before the hurricane hit, there were a few warning 'splashes' as poverty-stricken peasants turned to theft for necessary food. The hurricane was led in the

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571 words - 3 pages industry, which some major airlines offer the low-price fares that is very difficult for new entrants to gain enough profit to cover the investment and fix cost in this industry.Rivalry among Existing Firms: High- Currently, there are many major airlines such as Delta, United and American that exist in the same market as Jet Blue.Those airline companies have used similar strategies as JetBlue. United and American Airline flies to the same cities as Jet

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2319 words - 10 pages Technological 7 Legal 7 Environmental 7 Current Strategies 8 SWOT Analysis 8 Strategic Recommendations 9 Conclusion 11 References 12 Appendices 13 Executive Summary The performance of the airline industry is not entirely smooth sailing, there are several adversities which airlines must overcome to remain profitable. Economic downturn, high fuel prices, cyclicality of market and other factors such as terrorist attacks are some external factors

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1054 words - 5 pages creating a price war and lastly terrorism. Bargaining power of suppliers in the airline industry is categorized as high in Porters framework due to the three factors affected by the external environment; fuel, aircraft manufacturers and skilled labor. Fuel prices are subjected to fluctuations on the global market for oil; as we have seen these numbers climb as a result of geopolitical and other factors. Without aircrafts the airlines would cease to

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1314 words - 6 pages target market, or customers, place. Promotion is the process of informing the target market of the product. Finally, the fourth element of the marketing mix is price. Price setting includes components such as analysis of price setting by the competition as well as analysis regarding acceptance or rejection of prices by the identified market" (McCarthy & Perreault, 2004).The United States airline industry is very competitive. Following the attacks

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2258 words - 10 pages considered to be a luxury good, it is legal to add taxes to the tickets (Button, 2005).The airline industry is considered to be unstable industry because of various factors. One such factor is that airlines are highly dependant upon current market conditions. The customer's reason for travel and available substitutes also contribute to stability of the airline industry. Various events such as oil prices, terrorist attacks and inflation, have

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1939 words - 8 pages , observed, and offered encouragement. Herb took care of his employees and in turn they took care of Southwest customers. The last thing that I found impressive about Southwest airlines was their Love marketing strategy. They had a continuous theme throughout there business that set them apart, because it brought fun and entertainment to what would be otherwise a mindless event. Where other companies provided similar amenities as Southwest, it was


791 words - 4 pages will attract customers. As well as creating valuable rewards for employees to help encourage productivities and company loyalties.In the face of fierce competitions, territorial invasion and predatory pricing, from rival airlines we recommended that JetBlue must continue to grow, internally and externally. From our ratio calculation, (Appendix), JetBlue is in perfect health to expand. For 2003 their current ratio of 1.75 showed that they are fully

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2521 words - 11 pages ). As the aircraft moves across the air particles, the air is pushed aside at great force which creates the loud noise. The breakthrough in the supersonic aircraft is regarded as the most modern breakthrough in the travel and commercial aviation. The Concorde paved the way for the adoption of supersonic speeds but its stay in the market was short lived due to a fatal crash that happened in France. Coming up with such commercial airlines has been an

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1492 words - 6 pages started preschool · Got my dream job at the prison. 2014: · Malaysia Airlines Flight 30 disappears. · Oil prices crashes · Ebola strikes West Africa · Robert Williams passes away. 2015: · Prison escape in New York 2016: · US presidency election · Orlando night club shooting · Olympics in Rio · Sadly, Trumps wins’ presidency. 2014: · March 8 when a Malaysian Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur destined for Beijing vanished. No crash site, debris or

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555 words - 3 pages According to (2008), "Spirit Airlines, based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the leading low cost carrier to the Caribbean serving 33 markets in the United States, Bahamas and Caribbean with 185 daily flights." Spirit Airline started out as Charter One in 1980, a charter tour operator and from the beginning of 1993 began its expansion to areas such as Florida, and from 2001-2005 Spirit was serving areas from the coast of San


3373 words - 14 pages Free hindering customers from making online transactions. Building trust in the business will help eliminate this concern. Besides, the online payment service provided by the website, as well as the increasingly developed credit card security system can help consumers reduce unknown risks. Enjoyment Customers can purchase tickets for the nation's largest airlines at reasonable prices and even at low prices. They can enjoy the high-quality service

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2023 words - 9 pages increase, sometimes higher than before the price war started. Causes The main reasons that price wars occur are: Product differentiation: Some products are, or at least are seen as, commodities. Because there is little to choose between brands, price is the main competing factor. Penetration pricing: If a merchant is trying to enter an established market, it may offer lower prices than existing brands. Oligopoly: If the industry structure is

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2860 words - 12 pages security screenings, TSA also provides for increased security in flight decks of aircraft and also that federal air marshals be present on certain flights.The service provided by the TSA was not free. In order to get funding for all these security measures the ATSA imposed a $2.50 per passenger security service fee. This fee is then collected by the airlines and submitted to the government as payment for the security services. The Act goes on to

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2555 words - 11 pages .  Law. 8. Macroeconomics can best be described as the:  A.  analysis of how a consumer tries to spend income. B.  study of the large aggregates of the economy or the economy as a whole. C.  analysis of how firms attempt to maximize their profits. D.  study of how supply and demand determine prices in individual markets. 9. Normative statements are concerned primarily with:  A.  facts and theories. B.  what ought to be. C.  what is. D.  rational