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Name____________________Jenny Lee_______________ Section #:_25____"Regret" by Kate ChopinReader ResponseDirections: Please type your responses to the following questions and prompts. You may use this file as a template, if you like. Except for items 1 and 6, your responses can be informal (not necessarily complete sentences, more like notes). Note, this assignment is collectible :-)***Compose a complete sentence (that includes the title and author) that states the author's meaning or purpose.In "Regret," Kate Chopin conveys the message that when it is all too late, regret comes in the end by using Mamzelle Aurélie's regret.Briefly describe the protagonist/main character in the story (Mamzelle Aurélie).The main character is Mamzelle Aurelle ...view middle of the document...

She wears "a man's hat", a "blue army overcoat", and even sometimes "top-boots".Mamzelle Aurélie's feminine qualities : unearth[ing] white aprons that she had not worn in years" and getting "down her sewing-basket, which she seldom used".Mamzelle Aurélie's maternal qualities: like a man, with sobs that seemed to tear her very soulDescribe each of the "chillun" in a word or two.: I think "chillum" means a childrenTranslate the following dialect into clear, "proper" English:"T ain' ispected sich as you would know airy thing 'bout 'em, Mamzelle Aurélie. I see dat plainly yistiddy w'en I spy dat li'le chile playin' wid yo' baskit o' keys. You don' know dat makes chillun grow up hard-headed, to play wid keys? Des like it make 'em teeth hard to look in a lookin'-glass. Them's the things you got to know in the raisin' an' manigement o' chillun."-I didn't expect you would know anything about them, Miss Aurelie. I knew that plainly yesterday when I saw that little child playing with your basket of keys. You don't know that makes children growing up hard-headed, to play with keys? It's like ot makes their teeth harf to look in a looking-glass(mirror). Those are things you have to know for the raising and management of childrenComment on the role of Ponto in the story.She is crying soulfully hard, and does not notice Ponto licking her hand.Write at least three discussable questions (about character, motivation, figurative language, author's meaning/purpose, etc.) that the reading brings to mind.1. What is her mind in specific?2. How is the time period when the author wrote this story?3. Why does the author express the figurative dialect?


This essay is about best friends and how after 13 years they still can spend so long together and not regret it. MY BEST FRIEND is the title

345 words - 2 pages Sometimes I wonder how my life would be without my best friend Tonya, after thirteen years of putting up with each other we are still as inseparable as ever. We know everything about one another, share everything, and spend hours talking to each other developing a relationship that cannot compare any other friendship. Many times when we are together we are mistaken for sisters and it's easy to understand why; we both stand little over five foot

Essay On English Reflection

684 words - 3 pages writing the controversial essay. I enjoyed writing the controversial essay because I had a lot to say about the subject that I chose to do. I also had fun doing this essay because I liked giving my opinion on the subject and hearing the opposite opinion on the subject. I have learned to deal with all these aspects one at a time. I have very little to regret and a lot to remember about this class. I regret that I didn't take advantage about

Paper On Witchcraft Declared In Salem

314 words - 2 pages asked Mrs. Proctor why Ms. Williams would make such claims. She had only this to say, ?Abigail wants me out of the way so she can replace me as wife of John Proctor.? When Mr. Proctor was asked for comment regarding a possible love affair with Abigail Williams, he refused to admit an intimate relationship. However, he did state, ?My wife is a good Christian woman, and I am a good Christian man. I love my wife. I regret all that has happened.? Mr. Proctor leaves us to wonder just what the source of his regret is. Could it be his wife?s imprisonment or his affair with Abigail Williams? Stay tuned. We?ll keep you informed of any future developments.

spy theme Paper

576 words - 3 pages punishment to his mother" "There was a note unfamiliar to Charlie in the undecided voice." Secrets Similarities Awakening/maturity Regret Regret can make one love things not loved before. -"But he did not love his father." -"Oh God, don't let me be caught." -"To go down and tell him he loved him." Perspective The perspective of the child is innocent/vanilla. He doesn't understand everything, so he has biased thoughts about

This essay is an example of abstract writing on Time being the mother, the friend, and the snake

580 words - 3 pages how deep the cut. Do not be deceived, for Time is also the snake that suffocates. Time is she who emphasizes distance, and hazes you from what happiness you've been bathing in. She is the smoke which clouds your thoughts making it harder and harder for you to breathe. It is she who whispers doubt in your ear and plants fear and regret onto your mind. Time is who makes you realize that you are not where you really want to be. ...And when

Essay On Universal Truths Found In Macbeth

771 words - 4 pages many things beneath the surface of his writing. Some are subtle and some are not. Shakespeare often implies universal truths through his work. I have chosen three of these truths. First, people want what they cannot have. Second, people regret their actions. Third, people can be easily tricked or persuaded.In Macbeth, Shakespeare reminds us that man cannot always have what he wants. There are many examples of this found in the text. For example

The Dutchess Of Malfi

1103 words - 5 pages mistakenly killed by Bosola. In great regret and grief, Bosola kills Cardinal, Ferdinand and in the end himself.First, the Duchess¡¦ chastity is worthy of notice. In her contemporary time, a woman¡¦s chastity should be very important. In her family, her chastity is concerned with the family reputation. His brother, Ferdinand, is in great anger because in his opinion, the lost reputation can never be back. Indeed, it is not

The Count Of Monte Cristo

488 words - 2 pages . Although he doesn't regret his actions, he does regret degree of pain he brought upon may innocent lives.Dumas created a living example of the intricate interaction between a single individual's character and society. Dantès began life as a well-intending individual. Through the trials and tribulations placed upon him he became a creature of hate. His choices in life were directly influenced by the people around him. Edmond is an excellent example of the tie between society and individuals.

David Helwig's, "Haunted By Lives Unlived"

725 words - 3 pages , at least i moments of thoughtfulness, by those that weren't", (55). Another metaphor used : "...regret, that eats away the heart..." (55), in its nature, creates a vivid illustration of the effect of regret on a person's sanity. The entire essay is a hyperbole in the sense that he contiously refers to the choices we do not make as ghosts and the terminology he uses to express his thoughts. A few of his thoughts are incomplete and he leaves the

Traveling To The West

616 words - 3 pages loved ones, yet all had the same adventurous excitement about the journey that would bring them to their new homes. Although the trip wasn't entirely pleasant, because people died along the way and the journey was long, hard, and sometimes dangerous, they were not forced to leave like the Native Americans. Thus they all left with hope, although some with a little regret, and packed their wagons to leave to settle new land.The Mormon exodus was

What drove Victor Frankenstein to Create Adam - Mann, Mrs.Moore - Essay

506 words - 3 pages up. It had become clear; that the creature was the murderer of his youngest brother. Distressed and confused he took a small hike into the mountains when it became stormy. He ran into the horrible creature that was created by his very own hands when all the regret and hatred for this creature poured onto him all at once. This is about where we left off, but I'm sure that further into the story it shows more regret and depressing themes that oppose his original thoughts and plans on how he thought the creature would react and such.


1621 words - 7 pages world, with 77 millionmembers in 164 countries.The report also calls for the bishops who consecrated the gay bishop,V. Gene Robinson, to consider withdrawing from Anglican "functions"until they offer "an expression of regret." The current and formerpresiding bishops of the Episcopal Church were among the more than three dozenbishops who encircled Bishop Robinson last November and consecrated himwith a laying on of hands.The report puts the onus on

How does Dickens create sympathy for Scrooge in A Christmas Carol - Year 11 - Essay

1315 words - 6 pages gets worse and worse. Dickens creates sympathy for Scrooge by writing about the emotions Scrooge feels when he is shown each scene by the spirits. One of the main emotions, which becomes a vital part of him learning his lesson and becoming a better man, is regret. The first sign of this is shown when Scrooge is taken back to when he was a school boy by the Ghost of Christmas Past. When Scrooge reflects on his life as a young boy, the first sign of

The Road Not Taken - Misinterpreting Frost's most famous poem - SMC/ English 2 - Essay

1688 words - 7 pages and the regret that comes with it. Looking at the poem itself, there are four stanzas consisting of five lines. The rhyme scheme follows an ABAAB sequence. From the title, the reader is promised a choice. Onto the first stanza, the reader is given the facts in a cause and effect way, “Two roads diverged in yellow wood/ And sorry I could not travel both…” This image gives the reader a choice or according to David M. Wyatt of Choosing Frost, the

Life of a free man Essay Grade 12 - Grade 12 English - Essay

437 words - 2 pages realize I play video games more than I should. I’m still trying to balance school social life and gaming. I also discovered PC gaming a couple years ago and that took over my whole summer, I regret it very much because I don’t have much memories from last summer besides playing video games. The games I am most interested in are first person shooters or adventure games. I used to play a lot of Call of Duty but now I play more Adventure like games that