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Themes in "I Spy"(Class generated October 10th, 2014)If you are using these as ideas for your journal entry #2, please read them critically - they are peer responses and have not been checked by me for accuracy. You also must use original thought, so do not copy!

What about it?



The son's illusion of his farther led to resentment until he saw the unseen side of his father

-calls dad "unreal" Does not love him
At the end he wants to say he lo ...view middle of the document...

"It was as if a familiar photograph had stepped from the frame to reproach him with neglect."


The relationship of him and his father is tense

"his father was unreal to him, a wraith, pale, thin, indefinite
"…left even punishment to his mother"
"There was a note unfamiliar to Charlie in the undecided voice."





Regret can make one love things not loved before.

-"But he did not love his father."
-"Oh God, don't let me be caught."
-"To go down and tell him he loved him."


The perspective of the child is innocent/vanilla. He doesn't understand everything, so he has biased thoughts about his father. (Child's perspective)

" Charlie had no doubt, but he did not love his father…"
"His father held him tight to his collar…his father was like himself."


The suspense is made by the dark mood and tone of the story, as well as the unknowing of the actions of Charlie's father

"A searchlight passed across the sky, lighting the banks of cloud and probing the dark deep spaces between, seeking enemy airships."
"Charlie Stowe had no sense of safety as he crept down the wooden stairs."
"It was too dark to see his way, and he did not dare touch the switch."

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