Romeo & Juliet: Who Caused Their Untimely Deaths?

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This Essay is about who is to blame for Romeo and Juliets deaths. It argues that Romeo was the person to blame for their deaths. Because of his inability to understand true love with Rosaline, his impatience and impulsiveness, and his poor self control. This essay also uses quotes from the play to support the arguement.Romeo & Juliet: Who Caused their Untimely Deaths?In the play Romeo and Juliet, lives are changed and bitterness between two houses lies deep in their hearts. As two young characters, Romeo and Juliet, begin their path to true and peaceful love, but their path is somehow always obstructed by something or event. These events in time have now led to their deaths. Romeo ...view middle of the document...

..(I, i, 224-231)This helps their death because after Romeo supposedly breaks up with Rosaline he is forced to a party held by the Capulets to try to raise his spirits. This leads to Romeo meeting Juliet and their short path to true love.Secondly, Romeo is very impatient and impulsive. For example when Romeo meets Juliet, they immediately fall in "love". However, in the span of one night, they want to be married despite the fact that Juliet is a Capulet and Romeo is a Montague. When Juliet says "Where and what time thou wilt perform the rite" (II, ii, 146) shows clearly that both Romeo and Juliet want to be married. In addition, when Romeo is angered by Mercutio's death, he pursues Tybalt to extract revenge. Although Romeo may seem to do the moral thing he forgets completely about Juliet and the consequences of killing Tybalt: Death. Before Romeo fights with Tybalt he expresses his fury to Tybalt and this shows how Romeo acts on his impulsiveness:Now, Tybalt, take the villain back again,That late thou gavest me; for Mercutio's soulIs but a little way above our heads,Staying for thine to keep him company:Either thou, or I, or both, must go with him. (III, i, 124-128)After Tybalt is murdered by Romeo, Romeo must flee because the penalty for his action is death. Since Romeo is nowhere to be found the Prince banishes him. If Romeo is to be seen he is to be killed on that very spot. This makes Romeo realize what the consequences were to kill Tybalt as now he is not able to see Juliet or his family without being put in grave danger. Romeo then tries to kill himself:... Murder'd her kinsman. O, tell me, friar, tell me,In what vile part of this anatomyDoth my name lodge? tell me, that I may sackThe hateful mansion (III, iii, 105-108)In response to Romeo, the Friar tells him about what they will do and how they can reunite Romeo and Juliet so that everyone knows and giving hope to a desperate Romeo:For then thou canst not pass to Mantua;Where thou shalt live, till we can find a timeTo blaze your marriage, reconcile your friends,Beg pardon of the prince, ...


Romeo And Juliet-Responsibility For Their Deaths

1323 words - 6 pages kill herself on account of his death. If Friar Laurence had been more responsible in making sure Romeo received the message, they would have still lived. Therefore, because of the careless mistakes he made, Friar took an active role in the deaths of both Romeo and Juliet. There were other characters, however, that were made responsible because of their harshness and violence toward Romeo and Juliet.Tybalt, because of his temper and of the

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1379 words - 6 pages Free Emma Kiers Kiers 1 ENG2DI-04 Friday, January 20th, 2017 Ms. S. Durocher Who Caused Romeo and Juliet's Death "These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die like fire and/ powder..." With these words, moments before he married Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence unknowingly foretold what would eventually happen to the newly

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958 words - 4 pages emotional, persistent, and impulsiveness caused variations of different acts that will cause to their deaths. Being emotional caused Romeo and Juliet to fall in love very quickly, persistent produced Romeo and Juliet to marry in secret, and last but not least, their impulsiveness made Romeo and Juliet act before they think. This tragedy of these two young lovers could have been prevented in many ways if they would’ve been more careful and thoughtful about their love. Lastly, does unrequited love cause the other to have more affection at each other?

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756 words - 4 pages into marrying Paris then she would not have committed suicide at the end of the play. There seems to be no particular reason for such a feud yet many people died because of it, including the Romeo and Juliet. Therefore this continuance of rage between Montagues and Capulets is one of the events that is involved in leading Romeo and Juliet to their deaths. It can be said that Romeo and Juliet are partially responsible for their own fate, because

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487 words - 2 pages too much of an impact to say that things would have went the same without them. But in reality they made a really big impact on their. future and what happened to them And so in conclusion, Lady and lord Capulet are to blame for Romeo and Juliets deaths and be the ones punished. This is because of them always starting fights with the Montagues, trying to force Juliet marry Paris in a week, and threatening to disown her if she refused to do so.0

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422 words - 2 pages The Great Depression Portfolio  Jackdaw Evaluation:  Academic - complete any 7 activities plus the folder Applied - complete any 5 activities plus the folder  1. LETTERS/DIARY ENTRIES(2) - Reflect actual thoughts, feelings, issues - dates/persons being  written to are identified.  2. ANALYTICAL GRAPH /CHART - Graph is properly set up, information used is accurate, an  analysis shows a clear understanding of information.  3. POEMS (2) - One or

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893 words - 4 pages difficulties, but was it the only factor at fault? In the prologue at the start of the play, it tells how the 'ancient grudge broke into new mutiny' as the deaths of Tybalt (Juliet's cousin), and Mercutio (Romeo's best friend) sparked new conflict between the rival families. As this strife surrounded their lives, Romeo and Juliet tried to keep it from breaking their strong love but it was intensely arduous. Act 1, prologue line 8, 'Doth with their

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908 words - 4 pages for seeing someone who they may love, but they may find a way to get together without the knowing of their parents because of their love for each other. To add to it, another connection would be dedication. Romeo and Juliet were so dedicated to each other that they ended up dying side by side. It relates to the real world because there are couples that are dedicated by marriage and stay together until their last breath. The true couple has a love

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1817 words - 8 pages Romeo and Juliet is widely known to be a tragedy, but what caused the atrocity for which it is so renowned? Some may argue fate was to blame for Romeo's and Juliet's deaths, that the situations these young lovers faced were depicted as being out of their control. Could Romeo have refused to attend the Capulet masque? Was Romeo destined to duel the raging Tybalt? Did Romeo and Juliet truly have to kill themselves? If one considers the specific

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958 words - 4 pages Free meanwhile Romeo thinks Juliet is dead and kills himself and Juliet wakes up sees him dead and kills herself. At the end of the play, prince Escalus wants to know who should be punished. In other words, he wants to know who is most accountable for Romeo's and Juliet's deaths. While both families and friar Lawrence are partially responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, fate is mostly to blame. Both the Montague and Capulet families can be

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692 words - 3 pages Persuasive Essay Prompt: Who or what is to blame the most for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? Consider fate/chance, the role of adults in Romeo and Juliet’s lives, and their own actions. Whose fault is the death of the lovebirds, Romeo and Juliet? From many generations the feud of the capulets and montagues has been on-going event. They have been enemies for so long that no one can remember what caused it. The cause of them is unknown, but we

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1632 words - 7 pages , the two star-crossed lovers made a series of poor decisions that eventually led to their deaths. The well-known Romeo, who always fell in love, but clearly did not understand the responsibility and maturity love took, fell in love with Juliet in an instant. At the beginning of the play, Romeo tries to fulfill his idea of what love is by marrying Juliet within hours of meeting each other. This impulsive decision led to fights and secrets, which

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512 words - 3 pages their untimely demise. Age is a factor in Romeo and Juliet's decision making. “The Teen Brain: Still Under Construction” states “Along with the obvious effects of sleep deprivation, such as fatigue and difficulty maintaining attention, inadequate sleep is a powerful contributor to irritability and depression,” this claim is supported by Romeo and Juliet as Romeo stayed up all night long and seemed agitated or depressed. Another claim from the

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895 words - 4 pages Free Wang 2 Ella Wang Ms. Turnbull English 10 B April 29, 2017 Who should take responsibility for the deaths Romeo and Juliet is a tragic drama written by William Shakespeare. In the play, there are many events that lead to the deaths of the two main characters, Romeo and his wife, Juliet. Romeo and Juliet belong of two opposing families, the Montagues and the Capulets. The families hate each other and treat each other as enemies, so the town cannot

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1309 words - 6 pages Free vocabularyRomeo and Juliet were not responsible for their own deathsIn William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet', the two protagonists, Romeo and Juliet, were not responsible for their own deaths. The play contains more than enough evidence to support the statement above. The themes of feud and fate played a major role in their deaths. Friar Lawrence's unsuccessful plan also had a huge impact on the death of the two. These three reasons ultimately led to