Should The Government Control Citizens? Grade 12 Social 30 1 Positon Paper

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The primary objective of all leaders should be the control of citizens. A society that allows authority to be challenged will
never succeed.
The source presented believes in a more democratic society because it states that the ‘primary objective for
all leaders should be the control of citizens’, which refers to have the government involved, and if the
government were to have a ‘hands free’ society than the society itself will ‘never succeed’ The government
should be involved in society because the government is also people, its composed of people who have
been elected to make changes that benefit society and maintain order, and the source is implementing that
when the government is being ‘challenged’ the society will not be able to maintain order. There are those
such as Thomas Hobbes who would embrace this perspective because Hobbes believed that individuals are
selfish (not evil) and that their self-regard can be harmful to other members of the society. He believed that
the only form of government strong enough to hold humanity’s cruel impulses in check was absolute
monarchy, he believed that the people had no right to be against the government Still, others, such as John
Locke would not embrace this perspective because he believes that any form of government that acts as
such would have a difficult time in achieving success and respect from the citizens. Locke also believed in a
social contract between people and their government. He thinks that the purpose of the social contract was
mostly to resolve occasional conflicts, governments should be limited, no one person should have power. In
Locke’s society he believed that the purpose of the government is established to run and secure peoples
rights. The source should be embraced because the people are the government, and anti government does
exist in some democratic nations but that is because they have that power, we as a society decide who we
wanted to be our government. As often as ‘this’ anti-government cliche is repeated, for politicians actually
believe it. Republicans are just as quick as democrats to ask for federal funding for local projects - funds
that they know will improve the life of citizens. Everyone knows that the government can do a lot to create
the right conditions for citizens, although there are a very few libertarians who people that the best
government is no government. The government has protected our rights and freedoms, educated almost
everybody, and have built our transportation networks.
There are many things the government can do to protect the rights of its citizens. One thing the
government can do is to guarantee these rights in a written document such as the Charter of Rights and...

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