The Search For Proper Childcare Strayer University Eng 115 Informative Essay

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Running head: The Search For Proper Childcare
The Search For Proper Childcare
Assignment #2: “Informative Essay”
Anika Clark
ENG 115- English Composition
Dr. Wayne Marshall
May 17, 2018
The Search for Proper Childcare
Finding childcare is a big decision. Time and effort must be put into the research it takes to find something that fits the needs of working parents. Those needs can be very individualized. Not all parents are looking for the same things. For lower-income families, something affordable may be a top priority. Another family may need something close to home. Some families forego the typical daycare and choose a nanny or family member to babysit. Overall, it’s safe to say that the majority of families will be concerned with three key characteristics in either option. Education, affordability, and safety will be what parents look for the most when choosing their type of childcare which can be a challenging task.
Along with staying active, children need a space to learn. "Early, quality child care provides a solid foundation for children's academic and behavioral success" (Child Care Aware of America, 2016, p. 3). In their early years, children soak in much of what they see and hear daily. Just ask any parent that has accidentally cursed in front of their very young child that likes to repeat everything they hear. This is where finding childcare is more than just having someone to babysit during work hours. They need to learn new things and have experiences that will shape them into the people they're eventually going to become. It's never too early to start teaching things like numbers, colors, alphabet, etc. when it comes to a child's development. Starting them early may also help them develop an enthusiasm for learning that can carry them all the way through college.
Some of the more advanced places like KinderCare or The Goddard School have different curriculums for specific age groups. They seem to be top of the line when comparing them to other facilities. They foster learning environments that offer, according to the Child Care Decision-Making Literature Review, “the kinds of structured activities to support children’s development that has been identified as an important quality feature to parents” (2013, p. 17). In the end, it may be worth considering even though some families may struggle with the costs.
How much parents pay for child care will vary depending on demographics and the type of care that is chosen. While daycare can be quite costly, it’s still less expensive than a full-time nanny. An article written by Elizabeth Renter (2016) states the average hourly rate for a nanny is $17. This can be considerably more if the nanny has special training (medical or otherwise) and/or does more for the home than just take care of the kids. Increased training usually means increased costs for providers to receive that training. That, in turn, relates to increased costs to families seeking providers for their children's ca...


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