Students Should Be Allowed To Dropout From School Before 18 - MHS - Essay

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Students Should be Allowed to Dropout from School Before 18
One of the more well known problems in the United States when it comes to school is
young kids dropping out. Dropouts has a big influence today on student who think about the
effects later in life. Many students want to dropout from school as a way to escape from their
problems. There are 72% of students who are high school dropouts. Students should be allowed
to dropout of school before they turn 18 because if parents don’t allow them then they are
violating their rights, not all jobs require a high school diploma, and students who don’t want to
study, are a distraction to others who want to.
It’s their live and they have the authority to live it the way they want. Students are old
and capable of doing things which are beneficial for themselves. ​“If someone is 16 years old,
they should have the freedom to choose whether they want to go to school or whether they want
to start working,” said caller Gordon from Bowling Green, Kentucky. “Maybe they want to live a
simple life.” According to the ​National Center for Education Statistics​, students who drop out of
high school are more likely to get public assistance (that's "welfare," "WIC," or "food stamps"
and other programs where the state helps you buy food, shelter, and clothing) than high school
graduates who don't even go to college.​ Even if you don’t go to college or get a high school
diploma you still get all the things a person who went to college or got a high school diploma
gets. Some students have family issues that doesn’t allow them to attend school and get a
successful life.
There are some jobs that don’t require a high school diploma. According to ​David
Schepp, he s...

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