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Stuff Essay

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with all the evidence they had against him, one year later all charges were dropped. The "Dapper Don" would now be known as the "Teflon Don".With Gotti beating the feds the FBI would crack down even harder. The "Teflon Don" must be stopped. Though he outwardly showed confidence he knew he would soon be busted for the Costellano hit. The majority of Gotti's "Family" were now going to prison(Davis 250-275).Shortly after the RICO case Gotti would once again find himself back in the courtroom. This time the charges were for assault. This was a charge that even ...view middle of the document...

In the end Gotti was found not guilty for the second time in a row. The press got what they wanted. The "Teflon Don" had done it again, and he soon became invincible(Davis 284-314).The people now saw Gotti not as a mobster, but as a hero. He would give large sums of money to the churches charities. He was a modern day Robin Hood, or so they thought. On the fourth of July, which was Gotti's favorite holiday, banners were flown throughout NewYork saying "We Love Gotti". This made the FBI even madder. They couldn't believe what was going on. They couldn't stand seeing a crime boss become a public hero so they once again the cracked down even harder. The even bugged his son John Jr.'s wedding. they also knew that John Jr. had joined the family to follow his Father's footsteps, which made his father very proud(Davis 315- 317).On December 12 1990 the "Teflon Don" and his underboss Sammy "The Bull" Gravanno were arrested. This time it was for the Costellano hit. In 1992 the case went to trial. To Gotti's dismay the FBI's star witness was none other than Sammy Gravano(Davis 319 and 345) A hush grew over the courtroom as Gotti's underboss, Sammy Gravano, took the stand. Gravano confessed to 19 murders alone all ordered by Gotti.He also confessed to helping Gotti plan the execution of Costellano(Hewet

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