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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a family dinner is unity as family members gather together to share a meal and their day's events. In the spacious kitchen, while Mom prepares dinner, she listens to her children chatting and laughing as they do their homework at the large mahogany table by the picture window that faces the bucolic back yard. They wait anxiously for their father to return home from work so they can eat their mother's savory dinner. This reminds Mom of herself as a blooming child sitting at the kitchen table smelling all her mothe ...view middle of the document...

The sound of sizzling meat and steaming bright colored vegetables pulls them in as if they were dogs being called by their master. The tantalizing aroma and sounds entrances the children's father as he greets Mom in the kitchen who is by now dancing to some funny song on the radio. The children are so excited to see him. They begin to bounce up and down like bunny rabbits yelling, "Dad is home! It is time to eat!" Their words ring like a bell in the Mom's memory bank. She remembers reciting the same phrases when her father finally came home. She was so excited not only to eat her mother's delicious meal but to also share with her father her day's events.Finally, the family sits at the table together to enjoy the deliciously prepared meal and talk about the events of their day. The children rattle off with such exuberance and enthusiasm all the horrendous and exciting stuff they did at school that day with their hands flying every which way as they speak. Their description of the mean old math teacher with his crooked eyeglasses, untamed hair and specks of food in his yellow stained teeth reminds Mom of all the stuff she told her parents at the dinner table. What a breathtaking memory for her to remember the abundance of togetherness at each night's dinner table when she was a child. She is touched that her family dinners today are the same.


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979 words - 4 pages rice for dinner every night, a lot of Italian/Asian mixture food. Some of Italian food on my moms' side is; pasta, fish, egg plant, zucchini, and Italian bread. Some Asian food my family eats are Kim chi, bulgogi, kalbi, teriyaki, sushi, tempura, dim sun, mongolian beef, sweet & sour pork, spring rolls, egg roll, bubble tea, and phò.My family tries to view situations from a third person perspective. And from their "analysis" they

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461 words - 2 pages tradition is we all carve bible scriptures in pumpkins for Halloween. The last one is we all say prayers every thanksgiving dinner before we all eat. We all have family traditions that we celebrate. Yes I as well have them too. For instance every summer my family and I go to a lake in Illinois called Carlyle Lake. We have a huge barbeque there. To prove this I will ask my mom right now in a quick interview. Me: “Mom what do we do every summer

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3641 words - 15 pages Free prices. As of December 2005 there were 16 locations in five different states. The brand was strong and synonymous with freshness, home-style goodness and family recipes. The menu boasted healthy selections, mostly with a Greek influence, (i.e. chicken pitas & roll-ups, salads & dinner plates) which consumers could also purchase in larger quantities for take-home consumption.The industry outlook was good for Zoës Kitchen. The only

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334 words - 2 pages Free In the summer, my family and I go camping at Audra every year, and we have a blast. When we first get there, we have to “set up camp.” Audra is a small state park in West Virginia that my Aunt found on accident when she was going camping about fifteen years ago, and the campsite she usually goes to was full, so she went there. Little did she know that she was really finding a family tradition that would last for years. The guys usually put

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1119 words - 5 pages Free God and a afterlife. Christmas and Easter is a big deal with the Christianity religion. Savannah’s family celebrates both holidays by getting together with their family in Washington and having a big dinner. On Easter they wake up and attend a church service in a big church uptown. After Easter the family gets together to eat dinner and hide eggs for the children to find. On Christmas everyone in her immediate family wakes up really early and

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807 words - 4 pages Slaughter felt the need to change the way women struggle with having both a professional life and a home life so she focused on “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All?”. Slaughter went on to work as the Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School and used her position of power to change the work environment for women for the better. She would purposely let her colleagues know that all facility meetings had to be done at 6 so she could eat dinner with her family


379 words - 2 pages her. Similar to Wangero, the Dee's "boyfriend's" name is also strange. After two or three tried and failed attempts to pronounce his name, he advises Maggie and her mother to call him "Hakim-a-barber." Soon, Hakim, Wangero, Maggie, and their mother sit down to eat. Being Muslim, Hakim is unable to eat pork. Contrastingly, Wangero consumes everything in site. During dinner, Wangero begins to procure an attachment to certain objects in

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456 words - 2 pages We're gathered here today at the plaza hotel, having had a fabulous dinner and the few odd drinks as well, to celebrate a man our father who has now experienced sixty years in this hemisphere.He has many hobbies and interest, likes swimming, hiking and classical music. Now he likes golf more than I do. The first time, I had to convince him to play golf with me. Now his golf club is worn out more than mine.When I was young, I couldn't understand

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570 words - 3 pages , give each other a hug and go have dinner” (103-104). Jack is a major element in the unity of the family.Another character who helps the family dynamic is Eugene’s older brother, Stanley. Although he sometimes has lapses in judgment, Stanley is a good older brother to Eugene. He helps Eugene grow up and Jack notices too because he ways, “I never knew a thing about girls until my brother taught me. Isn’t it like that with you

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523 words - 3 pages Melinda Brady Period 4 November 28th, 2016 One day my family and I were outside doing yard work. We got all the yard work done around 5 maybe 5:30, I went inside to start dinner i tried to turn on the t.v to put on music while i made dinner. It wouldn’t turn on so I reached for the light switch, flipped it and nothing happened. I went outside to tell my dad, once i told him he went inside and checked the fuse box everything looked fine. “It’s

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2267 words - 10 pages lucky as he seemed in the movie, he probably felt discomfort and unacceptance of her family when he first met them. Once Toula's family finally accepts Ian to be with their daughter, the wedding planning begins, and Ian's parents get to meet all of Toula's family. In America, usually couples introduce their parents to one another over a nice dinner, but that is not how things go in the Greek culture. When the parents of the couple meet it is

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1011 words - 5 pages addresses this in a more recused manner and tried their best to stay neutral in the debate. It is interesting this ongoing debate has infiltrated television and not only part of our church sermons and dinner table discussions. The political ideals in America has been constantly changing and viewers can always rely on the Modern Family cast to give us their rendition of American ideals. [1: ] [2: ] [3: ] It is no secret America has always

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1522 words - 7 pages The popularity of domestic sitcoms is increasing. Certain shows usually address issues relevant to the lives of their viewers. It could be suggested that certain television shows contribute to the development of viewer's attitudes and beliefs. Despite the differences in the eras that these sitcoms come from, The Brady Bunch (produced 1970) and My Wife and Kids (produced 2000-2005), represent family as a place of love, protection, support and

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778 words - 4 pages A play in which a character experiences conflict with other characters is “spring and port wine” by Bill Naughton. It’s one of the many books about a suburban family with their conflicts and drama, the character that experiences this conflict is the father and head of the household ‘Rafe Crompton’. Rafe’s conflict starts when him and his daughter get into an argument.. This conflict is the starting point of change to Rafe’s character and it

Social Factors and Childhood Obeisity

540 words - 3 pages number of families who regularly ate dinner together decreased by 33%." One effect of the decrease in family meals is that today's children eat more meals outside of home or without parental guidance over what to eat. Children who have more meals with their parents tend to develop healthier diets while children who eat alone or away from parents tend to be at a greater risk of obesity or malnutrition. Childhood obesity is a direct reflection of