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This is your 2nd Blog, so do the best you can. Students should use the class readings like Call & Response and moodle sources : Investigate: A free African American named Benjamin Banneker wrote to our Founding Father Thomas Jefferson in 1791. Please Discuss what was Banneker’s correspondence about and what was he seeking to accomplish? How did Thomas Jefferson react to Banneker’s correspondence and did it impact Jefferson’s belief system about African Americans? In addition, what was the social and political condition of most African Americans around the time period of 1791. In the end, in your opinion did you think that Banneker received the results or reaction he wanted to his letter from our Founding Father Thomas Jefferson? 
In 1791 Benjamin Banneker, the son of former slaves, wrote to Thomas Jefferson, at the time the first Secretary of State, Founding Father and author of the Declaration of Independence to argue against slavery. Benjamin thought that Thomas Jefferson did not share the toxic and racist views that so many others of that time did. Benjamin goes on to say “you are a man far less inflexible in sentiments of this nature, than many others; that you are measurable friendly and well disposed towards us; and that you are willing and ready to lend your aid and assistance to our relief, from those many distresses, and numerous calamities, to which we are reduced.”
In his letter Benjamin, uses Christianity, the American revolution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights as examples of documents where it is stated that “all men are created equal” except the slaves of that time. He also includes an almanac of that year.
Thomas Jefferson for his part, responded to...

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