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Teenage pregnancy is one of the few issues that most people are on the same page about. In the United States at least, there is almost a universal agreement it seems that teenage pregnancy is a negative thing, and should be discouraged. When determining the predictors of unplanned teen pregnancy, one must take into consideration the economic factors such as education and accessibility resources, and one's environment, (Haskins& Sawhill, 2007). It is important to study these factors in order to gain a better understanding of teen pregnancy, and to raise awareness about this societal issue.Teenage pregnancy has an huge impact on social, emotional, economic.pshysical and psychological ...view middle of the document...

The TPP is designed to meet the immediate and long-term needs of teenage parents and their children. The program is designed to assist teen parents in accessing resources, both their own inner resources and those supportive services available in the community (Open Pantry,2005). This design not only helps participants to meet their needs, but also to foster long-term goals of self-sufficiency and independence as well as realistic plans to achieve these goals.There are many ways in which a support group could benefit the Teen Living Program. This group will aim to increase self-esteem, self repect, and provide the girls with valuable commuinty resources and guidence. It will serve as a tool to empower these girls as they continue to development.Group GoalsThis group will touch base on many aspects that a teen mother inculding enpowering them with life choices about their futures and careers and developing a support system. It wiil aim to help them accomplish development techiques and incorporate coping skills. It will teach them how to bring relaxation into the lives of their children and to them as well. These are the main issues that will be addresed in order to help reduce the risk factors that target this oppressed population.RequirementsThe participants must be with-in the ages of fourteen to nineteen and have no other major mental health issues, It will be a set limit os twevle girls at a time in this group. If more members would like to join a second gruop may be added. The group ill meet once a week for two hours. The group will run for the length of five weeks.Group RulesRules will be set in place to ensure a safe supportive environment. The first and most imporanat rule is the information discussed in the gruop is confidential. All members will be asked to refrain from disscusing group material outside of the group. Member must keep in mind that every meeting is important s, full atttendences is a must. It is expected that every member share their experience and their reactions to other member experiences. All members will be encouraged to set boundaries if it feels unsafe to continue the discussion. Each member is expected to remain respectful to one another and the facilitators. The last and final rule is all cellphones must remain off or on silent until the close of the meeting. All members of the group ill be notified that the facilitator is a mandated reporter. All threats to themselve, someone else, and their children will have to be reported and referred to phsycologist.First SessionThe first session will consist of ice breaker activities that will serve as a way for member to get to know one another. This will help to ensure taht member are becoming comfortable around one another to begin the different group discussions. The group facilitator will use relationship-building activities to help people develop trust for themselve and others.Theses activities will empower the girl and their social support group. Self-reflections...

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