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‘Things Fall Apart’
Things Fall Apart is a tragedy not only to Okonkwo and his igbo clan but to society as
well. Okonkwo was a wealthy, rich, and a respectable warrior of the Umuofia clan. Okonkwo
meets a tragic destiny by the end of the novel, which affected him and the peaceful Igbo society
that got tore it into pieces by the end of the novel.
At the start of the novel Okonkwo was a leader amongst the Igbo people. But this novel
Things Fall Apart ends with a horrific tragedy. The novel Things Fall Apart portraits the
downfall and tragic fall of Okonkwo. Okonkwo was a very popular and important human to his
society, he was well known by all the villagers of his village. Okonkwo got his respect and
warrior instinct from been a fierce wrestler, and for been able to take care of his wives and the
many children's he had. His never lost a wrestling fight which made him really fierce and
important to look up too, he was loved by the villagers.
Tragedy took place in Okonkwo’s life when he unintentionally killed the son of Ezeudu
the man who warned him not to go to ikemefuna killing, but Okonkwo did not listen, he did not
want to look weak in front of the Umuofia clan. Even though Okonkwo. did not mean to kill the
kid, him and his family was forced to flee the village, and may return after seven years. After he
was gone the next morning a group of villagers carried out a traditional justice prescribed by the
earth goddess, to invade Okonkwo’s compound and destroy his barn, houses, and animals to
remove the sin.
After one year in exile Okonkwo began to plan his grand return to build a bigger
compound than before, but he will also build huts for two new wives. But after seven years
when Okonkwo comes to his village from exile he realized that everything has changed.
Okonkwo returned to his village just to find out Nwoye has joined the christian minister and
changed his name to Isaac. He realizes that the Christian church has converted many people
including some respected men who have rejected their traditional titles. Okonkwo and his
clansman burn a church building down, and the district commissioner asked okonkwo and the
leaders of the clan to come see him for a peaceful meeting when they arrived they were arrested
and was fined. Okonkwo and the clansman were been beaten severely. The next morning
Okonkwo started thinking of revenge, and he hopes Umuofia will wage a war on the intruders.
While Okonkwo was in a meeting with his clansman the was five court messengers that
approach the group. Okonkwo ​ takes out his machete and beheads the man, but no one tries to
stop the other messengers from escaping. Okonkwo realized that his fellow Umuofians will
never go to war. Okonkwo hated the takeover of the christian ministers in his village so much
and was feared of dying under their rules, Okonkwo hanged himself and committed suicide.
The tragedy in All things fall apart was so strong. In the beginning of the novel
Okonkwo had everything he needed and was a very respected man, but after one accidental
killing of someone’s son led to the destruction of the Igbo people. Igbo people had so much faith
in their religion and in their gods, but after the coming of the white ministers the people of
Umuofia lost faith and many died because they wanted to be colonized and lost their tribal
customs. This major incidents led to so many tragedies and led to the downfall of the Umuofia

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