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Utopia Essay

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Utopia is a state that became a state in early years of America. When America was at war with Britain in the war of 1812 Utopia was getting the foundation of its new government. Not being the first state or the last state Utopia is not known. While not being one of the more important and well known states with Utopia America just wouldn't be the same.In this small and unimportant state there are a few key things that should be remembered. ...view middle of the document...

This becomes a huge part of the history of America.A plate was made in honor of the state. On this plate was a variety of symbols to represent a different diversity of Utopia. On the plate is a whip that goes around the circumference of the plate. This is meant to represent a strong central state government. Unlike all the other states from America are overruled by the federal government. In the middle of the plate is a sun. The sun symbolizes the theological approach that the state has promise to uphold among the conditions of joining the nation. At the bottom is a stack of gold bars. This is placed to symbolize the rich majority of the population. This population is what made the state become a state. Without the rich they would not have had the money to buy their state ship.In all the state came form being a rich province to a rich state. A relatively boring history most say. But they don't know all the information. They think that it just bought its way into the country. But no its because its rich population and the highly respected authority figures it produces that got its way into the United States of America.Citeno sources were used this is a creative writing assignment i needed to make up a state

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