Veterinary Science Questions #1-15 - Elective - Assignment

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Introduction to Sociology: Exam #2
1.)   _____ is the lifelong process of learning to become a member of the social world,
beginning at birth and continuing until death.
A.   Learning Theory
B.   Sociology
C.   Socialization
D.   Symbolic Interaction
2.)   True or False: Socialization is not a lifelong process.
A.   True
B.   False
3.)   The main product of the socialization process is the development of the _____.
A.   Personal Identity
B.   Others
C.   Self
4.)   True or False: Human beings are born with a sense of self.
A.   True
B.   False
5.)   The _____ is spontaneous, impulsive, and the unorganized aspect of the self, while the
_____ is the more cautious and reflective capacity of the self.
A.   Me, I
B.   I, Me
6.)   _____ are principles or rules people are expected to observe.
A.   Deviance
B.   Laws
C.   Norms
D.   Customs
7.)   True or False: Deviance is a behavior, trait, or belief that does not depart from a norm
and usually generates a positive reaction in a particular group.
A.   True
B.   False
8.)   True or False: What is considered deviant in one culture might be considered normal in
A.   True
B.   False
9.)   True or False: Adolf Hitler was considered a deviant (positive and negative) by all people
who lived in Germany (prior and during WWII).
A.   True
B.   False
10.)   All of the following serve as the major functions of deviance, except…
A.   Promotes social unity
B.   Discourages social change
C.   Clarifying moral boundaries
D.   Affirms values and norms
E.   None of the Above
11.)   According to Structural Strain Theory, the _____ adopts conventional means but
abandons all hope in achieving success while the _____ achieves goals through
unconventional means.
A.   Retreatist, Innovator
B.   Ritualist, Rebel
C.   Ritualist, Innovator
D.   Rebel, Innovator
12.)   _____ is based on formal and informal mechanisms used to elicit conformity to
values and norms to promote social cohesion.
A.   Social Theory
B.   Control Theory
C.   Structural Theory
D.   Social Control
13.)   True or False: According to differential association theory, we learn to be deviant
through our interactions with those who follow the rules and reinforce the norms of our
A.   True
B.   False
14.)   The initial act or attitude that causes one to be labeled deviant is known as _____.
A.   Tertiary Deviance
B.   Primary Deviance
C.   Secondary Deviance
15.)   Redefining the stigma associated with the deviant label into a positive
phenomenon is known as _____.

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